Interracial sex stories are so hot to me. Sure, I have my worthless white worms that I would never let do more than clean me. However, I do have studly white male friend with just the kind of cock I crave, big! So, whenever my cousin said she was bringing her new very rich, very white, and very hung boyfriend to Thanksgiving I jokingly told her to break me off a slice. Although to be honest, I was not joking at all! Later that night as I laid back in bed I got a really kinky and hot idea to play with myself.

Interracial Sex Stories: Can’t Stop Masturbating To My Cousin’s Boyfriend!

Of course, that is nothing unusual for this Ebony Queen. However, I wanted to masturbate to this fool that my cousin mentioned. So I pulled up her Facebook and found his page from there. He was a handsome ass, white boy. I flipped past various pictures of him and my cousin pulling my fingers into my panties and playing with my cunt. I began to imagine his cock stiffening in his jeans. I flipped past some more of him in swim trunks just getting out of the ocean. The outline of his hard cock pressed against the moist fabric.

“Can’t wait to meet him, I am sure he is great.”

I could feel my cunt flood against my fingers and I whimpered closing my eyes. I pictured my cousin’s boyfriend’s big 10-inch cock right in front of my face. Although we knew he was taken it was exciting to face fuck behind my cousin’s back. As I pictured my hand wrapped around his base and stroking his cock he asked if it was cheating. I assured him that as long as he came in the back of my throat she would never know. I was grinding,  imagining every inch of his stiff hard rod pounding my throat out while my cousin ate turkey in the other room. Then, after I came all over my fingers I sent her a text, “Can’t wait to meet him, I am sure he is great.”

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