Interracial sex stories are fucking hot

Got a hard on for interracial sex stories? You’ll love what Jerry and his friends did to me tonight. I was sitting on the edge of the bed staring at the message on my phone. Jerry and his friends want to come over and even stopped to pick up my favorite bottle of liquor. I’m alone this week and its been awhile since my last orgasm I know this isn’t going to be just drinking. I just know I won’t be a good girl. After long thought I text them back inviting them over. Before they arrived I slipped on my shortest skirt because at this point I’m begging to get fucked by a bbc. My cleavage was revealing with my halter top.

The night goes on there is a little drinking but they knew they could have me even without the alcohol. Jerry slips slides his hand on my thigh and with time his hand makes its way between my legs. His fingers touch my bare pussy and he leans over and says “no panties I like that”. I didn’t forget to wear them I purposely didn’t wear them. The other two aren’t oblivious to what is going on because they can see Jerry’s hand between inside my skirt. He leans and our lips touch and kiss but when his mouth travels down to my neck I fall back not able to control my squirms. His hands are groping my tits and after he pulls them out he sucks on my nipples. Think you can handle anymore of these interracial sex stories?

Thats when my phone rings and I decide to answer. Its my boyfriend and he’s horny wanting a little phone sex before bed. My boyfriend proceeds to talk dirty to me while Jerry and his friends gather around sliding there dicks out of their pants. He has idea I’m really sucking on bbc while having phone sex with him. My boyfriend continues to think I’m fucking myself with my toy but really I’m getting some bbc in my cunt. Jerry slides inside my wet pussy and his friends black dicks are in my face. The two take turns fucking my mouth but Jerry fucks my cunt.

It doesn’t end here but be ready soon you’ll hear the rest. This is one of those interracial sex stories I just had to share. Want to hear me having sex while on the phone? Lets get together for some real sex stories from a cheating lover.

Kinky Kelsey