Let’s make our own kinky interactive sex stories.

What are interactive sex stories? I feel like every phonesex call I have is an interactive sex story. Here are some of my favorite role plays to play as your (sensual or brutal) dominatrix:

Forced exhibitionism role play / Blackmail Phone Sex

Your wife wouldn’t be very happy if she saw these pictures (or the video) I secretly took of us fucking in your marital bed. Who KNOWS what she’d do, actually! You don’t want to find out, do you? I didn’t think so. Better get ready to part with any dignity you thought you had left. You’re my bitch now.

Cuckold confessions, a tragedy in three (big, black) parts

Sometimes while hearing a new client’s cuckold confessions (real or imagined), my spide-y senses tingle. They tell me it’s only a matter of time before this client wants me to jump into his sob story, play the part of his promiscuous wife or girlfriend. Does just seeing me get fucked by a real man make your little dick cum? Or do you have pussy envy . . . and wish those giant cocks were stuffing all of your (oh-so hungry) holes??

Your report was supposed to be on my desk Friday.

What have you been doing this quarter, anyway? Sitting at your desk with your office door closed and jerking off?? And I bet you were probably thinking about me, your drop-dead gorgeous lady boss, while you were stroking your cock. Time for your annual performance review, you pervert. You’re getting demoted to my personal (ass licking) assistant!

Growing giantess, shrinking man

I love having complete and total power and control over you, being able to (LITERALLY) hold you in the palm of my hand. Whether I use a shrink ray or some other magical apparatus, you’re going to feel extra puny. And maybe if I get hungry you’ll get the privilege of being my (very little, light) snack??

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke