Interactive Sex Stories – Role Play Nurse London

Interactive sex stories and interactive phone sex are the best and easiest ways to get off and get off hard. This is a fetish I just recently heard about and I wanted to share it with you. It’s been tons of fun so far! This is a role play fantasy I came up with.

You’re sitting there on the exam table and you’re waiting for me. I walk in dressed in white stockings, heels, garter, thong, and bra as though I just got out of a strip club. I’m carrying a bag of medical supplies and you get an instant erection when you see it.

I set the bag on the table next to you and open it, never taking my eyes off of you. You watch, wide-eyed, as I pull out a metal rod encased in glass. Your mouth starts to water and you can feel your cock getting rock hard. It presses uncomfortably against the zipper of your pants.

As I get the thin rod lubed up you already pull down your zipper and take out your cock. Your eagerness to get started gets me so excited.

I do believe it’s show time!

I spread the skin apart near your urethra and press the tip of my rod against it. You grimace as though it hurt, but we both know better. It hurts so fucking good and you just don’t want to admit it.

The rod slides deeper into you as I stroke you off. A groan escapes your lips while I continue jerking off your hard cock. You want to cum so hard and I want to let you, but it’s a little difficult when the rod is deep inside your hole.

I slide it in and out fast, keeping time with my jerk-off hand. That just makes your cock throb and you don’t know how much longer you can last. In one quick motion I pull it out and you spray my entire face with your thick, creamy load. Such a yummy facial you gave me!

If you want guided masturbation with some sounding fetish give me a call so that I can give you exactly what you need!