Interactive sex stories could be a whole new way to make sexy history.

I’d like to try interactive sex stories. I think you naughty boys can be pretty helpful. Think of it as an experiment. Like a choose your own adventure book, but a blog, rather, and I guarantee a hell of a lot sexier. A sex story that you dictate? What could be better? I have a decision to make and you are going to help me out.

Last night, I went to a friend’s house for dinner, and I got the chance to meet some new people. I love meeting new people. You can really learn so much from new people. Everyone has a story to tell, and secrets to uncover. Being the curious girl I am, I love the unknown possibilities that each new person in my life can bring. Not just sex stuff, but ESPECIALLY sex stuff.

So, there I was sitting quietly on the sofa talking to a man I had just met, Kevin. He seemed genuinely sweet and soft-spoken. Perhaps, he wasn’t the most gorgeous specimen in the room, but he had this quiet confidence about him that I found myself gravitating to. Maybe, because he’s so tall, almost freakishly tall. I smirked to myself remembering the gentle giant I dated when I was in college. I remember his cock most of all. It was absolutely enormous.  So enormous, in fact, that I was afraid he would rip me in two, and we never got the chance to push little pussy to the limits.  College girls aren’t ready for a cock like that, but now I’ve matured.

I would love to get another chance.

Maybe, that is why I was so drawn to this new friend. I had had that giant cock in my hands and never felt it inside of me. Could this quiet fellow be my second chance for a legendary cock?

It was going well, and he was handing me his card, when a muscled Greek god inserted himself between us. He flashed me a very charming smile and took my hand and pulled me into the other room. The music was much louder there and some were dancing. I spied my husband sitting in the corner watching with a smirk on his face.

“Hey, I’m Jake” he said, bringing my focus back to him. “I was talking to your husband over there and he thought we should get to know each other” I jerked my head back to my husband who now had a full smile on his face as he raised his glass in our direction. I have to admit, I do love it when he picks out a scrumptuous treat for me. And, he knows how to pick them well. Jake had every woman’s eye, and based on what I could tell from the bulge in his tight jeans he would be plenty capable of meeting my needs, and a guy like him, you know he would fuck the shit out of me hard and fast.

Decisions, Decisions…

So here I am, trying to decide who to call tonight for a little fun. Kevin, the sweetheart who might just have a truly monster cock like the one I missed my chance with all those years ago? Or, Jake, the stud muffin my husband picked out for me, that is certain to satisfy me?

Now, it’s your turn. Kevin? Or Jake? Hit me up via email, aim, or give me a call and tell me who I should do! You are going to love the rest of my interactive sex stories!

The Best Phone Sex!