Well, well, well, what do I have here? This pathetic little man playing with his dick. Did I permit you to touch yourself loser? I know I did not! I told you with my Intensive Orgasm Denial, you do as I tell you or it gets ugly! Of course, you didn’t listen to me!

That is bad for you. As a Badass BBW Domme, I don’t tolerate any shit or men that don’t listen to me. Therefore, you are going to face severe punishment little man. What the punishment is, I don’t know yet.

Let’s stew in it for a bit while I am deciding. Until then, bow down and worship your goddess. Start by caressing my beautiful legs. DO NOT TOUCH my kitty. If you go near my pussy, I will cut off your fingers.

You broke the rules for my Intensive Orgasm Denial and I am not happy.

You can ask any of the men calling me when I am providing BBW Phone Sex. I do not take any shit from anyone. I have rules and you will follow them. When I am in domme mode it is even more strict.

Look, you want orgasm denial games and I am providing that to you. With me, it is serious and hardcore. That is what you say you want. If you are too much of a sissy to play with me, I will send you on your way little bitch.

Of course, there are plenty of REAL men ready to play with me. Men that are ready to follow my rules and obey them no matter what. These men do not touch their dicks until I permit them.

Do you understand what it takes to play with me?

Are you capable of playing by my rules? If so, then we can start again after your punishment. Grab that leather paddle for me. Of course, it won’t be too bad. I just need you to understand I am serious about my rules.

Bend over that stool. Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack! I think five is enough. Now, let’s start over, shall we? You may now start stroking your dick. Very nice. I want you to do long strokes, giving it your full attention.

Mmmmm…look at it growing. My pussy is getting wet watching it get bigger. Would you like to see the glistening juices in my lady parts? Okay, let me slide off my pretty panties and show you my pussy.

Oh, she is wet!

Hey, slow down, you are going too fast. Don’t you dare cum! Above all, just enjoy seeing me and the feel of your hand on yourself as you are watching me play. Do you like seeing me slide my finger into my kitty?

Of course, you do. Here, lick my juices off my finger. Good boy. Now, stop stroking for me. Additionally, you are going too fast, and going to cum before I am ready. Furthermore, you are rushing the intensive orgasm denial process.

Therefore, I need you to sit and relax without stroking yourself for a bit. However, you can enjoy watching me play with myself. Okay, now, start stroking. Of course, you can pick up the pace now. Faster, cum for me, baby!