Intense Oral Sex – Oral pleasures are one of my favorite pass times.  The sexual tension was building and I knew it was only a matter of time.   Well after a long week of hustle and bustle  “It’s time to unload !” Eric announced as the clock finally hit 5 O’clock on a Friday afternoon.

The office cleared out rather fast. I had a few odds and ends to finish up before the big meeting on Monday. I noticed Mr. Fox glaring at his computer and letting out a little laugh. I’ve always been very attracted to Mr. Fox – inviting brown eyes, sexy lips, and muscular body.  The muscles on him – he was built like a stallion. Many a night, I’ve masturbated over and over just thinking about him.  Often I loved teasing my tight wet bald pussy, thinking about Intense Oral Sex we would have if the opportunity presented itself.   Actually any type of oral pleasure.    I craved his face buried between my creamy thighs licking my pussy and ass.

Initiating the evening of sex would take him by surprise.

I entered his office and glared at the computer screen. “Interesting porno you are watching there,” I giggled in amusement. Startled, he didn’t know what to do first. Zip up his pants or turn off the computer screen. I just laughed and shook my head. With a devious look in my eyes – I slowly walked over to him. I could tell from all the emotions dancing around in his eyes, he was scared yet excited. He didn’t know what to expect. “Raven, I thought you left for the day.” he blurted out. ” Now Mr. Fox, you know me better than that. Looks like you need a little help with your situation.”

He was lost for words.  I didn’t hesitate to fuck up his whole evening with one little whisper.  Without hesitation, I grabbed his crotch, and said in a  sultry voice  “Strip down and get on your knees.” I wanted him between my legs. I let out a sigh of pleasure.   The anticipation had been building for months.  His bark was worse than his bite.  His eyes and sensuous licks melted me down to the core.

Mr. Fox enjoyed exploring the finer parts of my body.

My pussy and ass deserved Intense Oral Sex with lots of ass and pussy licking. My soft sultry voice was a major turn-on for him as I guided him in the right direction.  Soon it was my turn to reciprocate the favor. This was going to be easy. I had no problem sucking his cock deep into my mouth.  It was like a whirlwind of pleasure.   All the Intense Oral Sex made him beg even louder “Let me fuck you!” he exclaimed over and over.   His begging was driving me crazy and it only made me deep throat his cock like a cum dumpster in heat.

Above all the Intense Oral Sex was out of this world.  Now the actual sex took it to a whole new level of intense.  Consequently, I wanted to make his body quiver with excitement as I fucked the shit out of his throbbing hard cock.  His cock muscle went into spasms as he released with each spurt. I want to share the intense details with you personally.

Realistically do you think you are done when you unload? Hell no. I will linger in your mind – long after the call is complete.  Furthermore, just like Mr. Fox – you won’t be able to get enough of me on our call.  Ready to explore my endless Intense Oral Sex details?

Furthermore, let me push you to the edge, as we explore all your Intense Oral Sex needs from beginning to end.

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I’m waiting for you…..and ONLY you!!!

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