Intense ass to mouth – even just the name invokes such curiosity!

I want to tell you my first time trying it. I was a young teenager, and I had a kinky older boyfriend in his early twenties. He introduced me sexually to so much. One night we were fucking around on the couch after a movie. He asked me if I wanted to try something new. Of course I said yes. Little did I know I would be saying yes to intense ass to mouth sex.

He gets me so wet. He would expertly work my innocent, young body. He knows exactly what he’s doing, knows how to drive me straight to orgasm. So he said he wanted me to give him a little show. I happily obliged, ever eager for his attention.

He told me to lie on my back, and pull my ass up over my face as far as I could. I was confused, but did that. I didn’t even know what to say when he told me to start licking my asshole!

I spread my plump ass cheeks, then gingerly poked out my tongue.

I take a few shy licks around the pink, puckered rose bud. It didn’t taste bad. It actually tasted sweet with a unique flavor. Rimming around the edge of my asshole was feeling better and better.

I glance over at my boyfriend, and he had his hard dick out jerking it, staring intently at the show I was giving him. I licked faster and took long, wide laps over my crack and rosebud. I couldn’t help but moan and started rubbing my pink clit. I became more daring and decided to just full on tongue fuck myself! I stuck my entire tongue in that little asshole, feeling how incredibly tight it felt dripping my tongue.

I told my boyfriend I feel like I’m going to explode, that it feels so good rubbing my pussy while licking my own asshole.

I could tell he’s close to exploding too, as his long shaft was coated in pre-cum. If I had known how yummy and intense ass to mouth could be, I would have started when I was a little virgin!

The build up is so delicious! At this point I was licking and tongue fucking my ass like a rapid animal, while rapidly fingering my dripping pussy hole. I kept myself on the edge awhile, I’m positive when I finally cum I’m going to soak my face in pussy juice.

I’ll tell you more when we chat, and even do some intense ass to mouth with you! I love feeling how my rosebud throbs and squeezes my tongue. Oh yes, I’m definitely daddy’s dirty little girl! Hot Phone Sex is just a phone call away!



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