I enjoy my grocery time. Taking my time, reading labels, and choosing the best foods. Along with that, there are always hot guys flirting with me. Today, it is an insanely sexy BBC guy checking me out The guy is about 6’4,” lean and so, so, fine. Of course, I am doing my part and flirting back with him. As we do this little dance throughout the store, we weave nearer and nearer to each other.

As both of us are walking into the produce section, we finally start a conversation. Well, he starts it. He is extremely smooth with his words. He is sending chills down my spine with his opening lines.

This insanely sexy BBC is so different than any other guy I have ever met.

He is making my knees weak. And, don’t even get me started on my tight mature pussy and the juices flowing right now! As we are talking, I am making sure to gently touch his arm.

Of course, he leans in to say a naughty comment here and there in my ear. It is like running into a long-lost soul mate I have never met. Then, I look at him and ask if he wants to get out of the store for some fun. Smiling from ear to ear, this insanely sexy BBC man says, “Hell, yes!” Grabbing my hand, he leads me out the door. Once outside, we are trying to decide what to do.

Are we going to play in one of our vehicles or go somewhere?

And, although I have a nice SUV, he is telling me I am a quality lady that deserves much better. So, he calls the Fontainebleau Miami Beach and makes a reservation. He has no idea of the skills I am bringing to the table, but he will very soon. I am going to show him my gorgeous Latina sensual blowjob the minute we are in our suite!

Additionally, I notice when he calls the hotel, my insanely sexy BBC talks to the staff by name. That means I have met another wealthy man. And, I love a quality man that knows how to take care of me.

Something tells me this insanely sexy BBC is a real gentleman!

We arrive, the valet lets us out of the car and we head into the hotel. My guy is greeted by name and handed the key without even doing all the check-in. He either brings lots of women here or uses this place a lot legitimately.

As we get on the elevator, he pushes the penthouse button. Wait, he got us the penthouse for a hookup? Fuck yes, this is going to be one hell of a good time! He pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me passionately. My insanely sexy BBC is so amazing! My body is molding to his as we are making out. We get to our floor, the doors open and he takes my hand. Once in the penthouse, he starts undressing me.

I am standing there, completely nude as he enjoys the view.

He gets down on his knees and starts eating this tight, clean pussy. Oh, fuck, he is fantastic at this too! I am moaning loudly as he brings me to a climax. Then, he stands up, picks me up, and carries me to the bedroom. He lays me on the bed. Keeping eye contact, he undresses. Then, out comes his huge big black dick. It is at least twelve to thirteen inches long. I can’t believe how big it is.

It is going to be one hell of a night with this insanely sexy BBC and I am so wet for him. He gets on the bed and between my legs. Curious to hear the rest of the details? Call me for some hot fetish phone sex!

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