Innocent Schoolgirl Fun Started at Home…

My girls’ boarding school was boring and missing one thing that intrigued me: boys!  I was soon to discover innocent schoolgirl fun! During the holidays, my best friend Maria and I discussed our naïve fantasies during sleepovers fuelled by what we had seen in our respective homes. Our parents were always entertaining. As a result, we often saw things happening between the guests when we should have been tucked up in bed. 

Once, Maria told me about the time when she came down from her bedroom feeling hungry. Hearing strange sounds coming from the dining hall, her curiosity got the better of her. While peeping through the door, she saw a mass of bodies, all in various states of undress and different positions. For now, she had no idea what was going on but she couldn’t take her eyes off what she was seeing.

Maria’s family’s stately home was littered with secret passages and hidden places. As a result, she would take every opportunity to observe the dinner parties and after-dinner activities. She couldn’t help but feel excited watching and would always slide her hand in-between her legs.

My First Sexual Experience With My Best Friend

As I hadn’t seen Maria for a few weeks, I couldn’t wait to tell her what I had seen in my parents’ bedroom. Too engrossed in what they were doing to see me, I saw Daddy fucking my nanny who had her head between Mummy’s legs!

So as soon as I saw Maria, I rushed over to her and said I had something really exciting to tell her, arranging to meet in the library after lights out. We both crept out of the dorm, sitting close to each other. As I was describing the frenzied activities, she took my hand and put it into her knickers which were very, very wet. Moaning as I touched her,  she leaned forward and kissed me. Just a little innocent schoolgirl fun…

Oh No! 

Getting carried away, we didn’t hear Mr. Parker, our headmaster. We both jumped up as he shouted “GET IN MY OFFICE! NOW!” Standing in his office, back to back, we held each other’s hand as he circled us like a wild animal, shouting at us for our outrageous behaviour!

He threatened to have us expelled and told us of the shame it would bring on our families. We were begging him not to and saying it was just innocent schoolgirl fun. Yet I couldn’t help notice that the more we begged, the heavier his breathing became, especially when we said we would do anything he wanted if he didn’t tell.

What Naughty Girls We Were!

All of a sudden, Mr. Parker told Maria to bend over his desk and told me to remove her very wet knickers. As I held them in my hand, Maria’s wetness soaked into her white cotton knickers. He told her to open her mouth and ordered me to stuff her wet, white knickers into her mouth!

He then instructed me to undo his belt and kneel in front of him and unzip his trousers as he reached in and pulled out his penis. It was my first time seeing one close up! My knickers were now as wet as Maria’s. He told me to stroke it, taking my hand and placing it around his very thick and very long penis.  “Kiss it”, he said, “and open your mouth when I tell you to”. He whipped Maria with his belt, her stifled groan, and the way she flinched made his penis very hard. “Open your mouth!” he commanded.  Doing as I was told I thought I was going to choke as he forced his penis into my open mouth.

Punished For Pleasure

As he whipped Maria, Mr. Parker said she was a very dirty young girl and needed punishing. We’d both taken a whipping before from our parents and despite the sting, it always made me feel funny, just like it did now. “Put your hand in between Maria’s legs and do the same to yourself,” he said. Breathing heavily, he forced his penis in and out of my mouth. Maria was very wet and as I played with her young pink pussy, her groans of pain combined with groans of pleasure. Mr. Parker was calling us both whores, bitches, and sluts.

Suddenly, he threw his head back letting out a huge groan. As a result, I felt him explode in my mouth, and he told me not to swallow or spit it out. He grabbed Maria and made her kneel next to me. He ordered her to kiss me and play with the sticky liquid in my mouth. “I hope you enjoyed my cock and my cum, girls”.

So,  I learned several things in school that day. For instance, a penis is called a cock, the liquid in my mouth is called cum, and most of all, I knew I was now addicted and wanted more. Innocent schoolgirl fun had taken a twist!

Finally, Mr. Parker said this was our secret and if we didn’t do whatever he wanted, he would expel us. While looking at each other, we knew we would be happy to do ANYTHING he wanted. However, what we didn’t know though, was that someone was watching…