Indwelling often conjures thoughts of evil.  But, it doesn’t have to be.  Unless you think of Gang-banging, out of this world sex… as evil!  When you develop a CRAVING for the unexpected, then you KNOW what an indwelling actually is!  It FEEDS upon you and won’t let you be until it gets exactly what it needs.  So, why fight it?  Learn to succumb to it.  Enjoy it. Make it a part of who you are.  Or, who you want to be!

The first time I felt it, I was a small girl in France. I was standing behind the silk curtain leading to the back in my aunt’s shop. I fancied myself as her helper for the day.  I saw him but, he looked confused.  He was shopping for his wife and I knew just what she would want.  He was a much older man and he was HUNGRY.  And I could tell. It was then that I chose to exert my womanly wiles on him.  Oh, how to make a cock twitch in the pants! Yes!

Did I KNOW my little, cotton panties were shoved between my pussy lips?  Of course!  I knew that my camel-toe made his cock swell, like watching the birth of a BEAST! Giggle. Just then, my aunt yelled out to watch the shop and she’d bring back treats. What naughtiness could I get us into BEFORE her return?

She had no idea that my treat was about to be found, right there in her back room.  There were stacks of soft fabrics folded neatly and from the moment he ducked his head under that hanging curtain at the door I knew he was MINE!



So, you think this Story’s Over? Stay Tuned!