Indian Sex Stories are some of the kinkiest ones you’re likely to hear.  Sure, everyone knows how hot Native American women are.  And in my case, once you mix that with French…you’re in for the fuck of your life!  So, there I was, on the reservation for the summer of my 14th year.  And my grandparents were getting too old to keep a good eye on me.

Not only that but, sweethearts that they were, they never asked for any verification on my sleepovers.  Well, I guess that’s okay since there was little-to-no sleeping involved.  There was a distant cousin, Ray (a.k.a., Swift Bear) who’d never noticed me BEFORE I came that summer.  But, once I stepped out of grandpas Mercedes, Ray was right there to help me unload.

We had dinner, stealing lustful glances at each other and he helped me clean up. Since my grandparents went to bed VERY early, Ray asked if I’d like to tour the parts of the Res I’d never seen as a youngster.  Once inside his truck, he gripped me between the legs and began thrusting his THICK NATIVE FINGERS into my young pussy!  Wish I could say I tried to stop him, but no such thing happened.

I banged my little hot-box against his hand as I stared into his lustful eyes.  Then, he pulled out the thickest, most veiny cock I’d EVER seen!  Suddenly, I was thirsty. I grabbed it from his hand and pushed my face down until he POURED his thick cream down my eager throat. Damn! Who knew spunk would be so adDICKtive? Now, all I want is to spend time down on the Reservation!

Of course, I LOVE my Hot Sex Stories!  They’re the reason I do Ageplay Phone Sex at ALL!

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