I rarely go out during the summer mostly because I take summer classes and I am swamped with tons of homework. When I do go out it’s usually to a nice coffee shop or dinner with friends or relatives. Last Friday, as finals for Summer I were approaching I decided to go by my favorite coffee shop and just try and write my final essay for into to literature. Sometimes when I get away to a different place I get inspired and words just start flowing out of my mind and into my computer. I sat down in a booth by myself, and ordered my favorite tea. As soon as I sat down I noticed from the corner of my eye a guy, around my age, handsome sitting with what I assumed some of his friends. I opened my laptop and started to attempt to type. I would have never imagined the indecent proposal that handsome guy was about to make me.

After a good twenty minutes of awkwardly avoiding to turn and look at him, I finally gave up and starred right into his blue eyes. He had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. He immediately came over and sat next to me. I was nervous but I didn’t show it. I asked why he had came over, and he said he had something to ask me. I turned back to my laptop and he got extremely close to my ear and whispered “I really want you to lick your ass right now”. I couldn’t help but blush and keep on pretending to be typing something I was probably going to delete later. I smiled at him, and I sarcastically told him, “only if we do it in the parking lot”. He stood up, went back to his table, grabbed his things and came back to my booth. He said he was ready and I couldn’t believe what I had just agreed on. I smiled. I closed my laptop, stood up and started walking out the door with him. By now it was dark and it seemed like it was going to rain.

I went over to my car, and he followed me. I set everything inside it then locked it again. We walked over to his truck which was park towards the back on the parking lot. We stood on the side opposite to the streets, and it was dim. He kissed me and then whispered in my ear, “as soon as I saw that ass I want it to taste it”. I was wearing black workout out tights. He grabbed my ass hard with both hands while he kissed me some more. Then he rapidly turned me around, pulled my tights down, opened my ass apart and starts eating my tight asshole. I started moaning load as my body was pressed against his truck. He kept devouring my asshole and with one hand reached around my pussy and started playing with my swollen clit. Then, he stood up, and pulled his cock out and came all over my ass. I pulled my tights up, they were soaking in his cum, turned around and he kissed me some more. He walked me over to my car, and said good night.

We didn’t exchange names, or numbers, but this Friday I’m going to the same coffee shop again in hopes to see him. Maybe this time I can have what I’ve been craving since that night. His hard cock deep in my ass. This time, I’ll make sure to make the first move.



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