I want this incubus inside me.

I’m restless and drowsy.  My body feels hot and my skin is tingling and I feel your presence as you hover over me.  I try to open my eyes but my eyelids are heavy.  Through slits, I can see your eyes, glowing and looking down at me.  You are an incubus and, although I don’t know if I’m dreaming or not, I don’t care.   I want you inside of me.

Your finger traces down my cheek to my shoulder.  I hear the tear of my camisole and feel the cool air on my skin.  Your hands grasp both my breasts and your fingers pull on my already hardened nipples until you hear me moan.  I feel your fingertips move down my stomach and, after easily tearing through the sheer material of my panties, your fingers trace my wet pussy lips.  Again, you hear me moan.

You take my right hand and wrap it around your huge, hard cock.  I turn my head to see if it looks as magnificent as it feels and swear I see two cocks instead of one.  I rationalize this is a dream so, of course, you’d be an incubus with two cocks.

Offering my wet cunt to you, I smile and spread my legs wide.

You move in between them and, as you lower your head, I see your long tongue flicking in and out of your mouth.  It slides deep inside and begins to move rapidly in and out of my pussy.   You rise and, after spreading my legs, even more, I feel a cock-head at my asshole and a cock-head outside the hole of my pussy.

Forcefully, you drive both your demonic cocks completely inside both my holes.  I feel too full, a mix of both pleasure and pain.  You begin moving rapidly in and out of me and I immediately cum around your cocks.  Hearing your demonic sounds of lust as you thrust in and out, another orgasm builds rapidly.  As I again cum around you, I feel the cocks of my incubus shoot cum into both my holes, filling them completely with load after a load of liquid fire.

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