Previously from Incestuous Family Fun: Tutoring My Son and My Nephew (Pt 1)

Incestuous Family fun had been part of my life for as long as I could remember, and to see the incest fantasy tradition bloom between these two cousins made me hot in both thought and body, sparking a new gush of wetness from my weeping pussy. A low groan must have escaped my lips just then because they both looked up at the same time.

The story continues…

They started to jerk back, trying to conceal what they were doing. I put my hand up, letting them know that it was ok. As I turned and closed the door with a quiet snick, I explained that though I was sorry for interrupting, I believed they were more than ready for my guidance in this particular incestuous journey.

I walked slowly over to the chair and sat down, my legs spread wide enough to allow an unfettered view of my wet panties. I explained that I understood these sexual curiosities and impulses that they were experiencing. That it was perfectly normal, and our family knew and recognized this fact.

A thoughtful smile grew over my face as I bathed in the fact that these boys, these cousins, were about to continue our incestuous family fun tradition.  After all, as our family motto states, The Incestuous Family That Plays Together, Stays Together. I wanted them to experience everything my sister and I had.

I licked my parched lips, my hunger and desire clearly seen in my lips.

As my fingers traveled down my belly and under my panties, searching out my aching pussy as well as my pulsating clit, I told them to continue touching each other. I made sure they had a clear view of my explorations. That action seemed to spur them on, our sexual energies feeding each other, pushing us deeper into our shared sexual frenzy.

 I couldn’t keep my distance anymore. Shedding my clothes as I got up, I went to join them on the bed. I guided my nephew to take my boy’s cock in his mouth. Tutoring him how to lick and suck and take the cock deep inside him; preparing him for the next step.

I had so many things I was going to teach these boys. Not only was I going to be there every step of the way, but I was going to be an active participant as well.  Oh yes, hands-on was the way to go, and all hands and cock and holes were going to be used.


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