Incest is the best.

No one knows you better than your father or brother. I particularly like it when my Dad fucks me. You might call it incest but I call it love. It started when I was about eleven, my little boobs had become bee-stings, not developed yet but hard and puffy and swollen, my period about to start.

I had noticed my Dad looking at me differently since I’d begun to grow taller (by the time I was 14 I was 5’8) He would ask me to sit on his knee and tickle me, always under my shirt and between my legs. I must say I enjoyed it, and sometimes he wouldn’t even have to ask, I’d just climb onto him and kiss him hard on the mouth…he knew.

At first I was slightly nervous, and definitely didn’t want my Dad to come into my room at midnight.

Lie next to me and start to run his hands up and down my back and chest, making my little nipples turn into tiny pencil erasers, but once he started to stroke his big fingers up and down the outer lips of my pussy, I felt so turned on and felt my pussy get wet for the first time. Opened my legs as far wide as they would go and after teasing my tiny little flower for a while. I was more than willing to let him slide his fat, hairy fingers into my tight, young pussy.

It hurt at first, but after he was up to his second knuckle, I felt myself juicing up. I knew it was wrong and that my Mum was going to kill me if she ever found out (little did I know!) but before I knew it he had three fingers inside me, and my hymen was broken. It hurt quite badly, but I enjoyed it.

He’s been fucking me ever since. No one knows how to fuck you like the man’s balls you came from originally. Incest is definitely the best.

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