Incest Stories: She’s your sister but her mouth is so sweet

Incest is best;) and your little sister Kate is about to give you a blowjob. 

You have started her laying by the pool. She’s sat up suddenly and her bikini top still lays on her chair. She’s sitting there half-naked in front of you and you keep waiting for her to grab her top and put it back on. She never does, she just keeps sitting there looking at you. Her tits are in full view. Perky, soft, sweet pink nipples. She’s glistening with sweat and a tiny drop slides down her cleavage.

You know you’re staring with your mouth wide open and you can’t quite think of what to say. She looks down and back up with a wicked grin. She knows that you’re staring and it appears she thinks it’s entertaining or she really likes it. She’s always seemed shy but maybe not. Touch her and find out.

You reach out slowly, waiting for her to stop you but she doesn’t. She bites her lower lip in anticipation and you softly grab her tit and stroke her hard pink nipple. She lets out a small moan and suddenly she’s standing up and pushing you into the chair.

Like she’s been waiting for this moment and she can’t wait any longer.

She quickly pulls of your trunks and your cock springs out. She looks like she’s craving you. Then she strokes you up and down slowly while she kneels in front of you. “Don’t say anything brother, you want it, I want it. I don’t care how wrong it is.”

Leaning forward she slides out her tongue. She slides it across the tip of your cock, tasting you. She pushes your cock into her mouth, the bottom of it gliding across the bottom. Her lips wrap tightly around the head. She’s sucking you hard, looking up at you. You almost explode right then.

Kate’s mouth feels so good on you. She’s your little sister and oh my god you can’t get enough. Your fun isn’t even close to over. Stay tuned for more incest naughtiness you can’t get enough of;)

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