Incest Mom and Son and Friend.

Incest thoughts.  As I l lay in the cool water of our backyard pool in my tiny white bikini that barely covers me to start with, I can’t help but get that feeling someone is watching me. Out of the corner of the eye, I spot them. My 16-year-old son and his best friend Josh in the kitchen bay windows. Both of them are young ripped from head to toe. Walking around with a 24/7 hard on because they are just 16. I know I’m so wrong because it’s my son. That would be incest but the thought of their dicks getting hard immediately gets me soaking wet down there.

Decide I want to have a little fun knowing they are watching, so I untie my string bikini on the top and expose my huge dd breast. I take a piece of ice out of my drink and rub it all over my nipples that are already rock hard. Then I glance again and I can tell by the movement they are both making, they are getting hard watching mommy too…they are stroking their young hard cocks I can tell. So I untie the sides of my bottoms to expose my cleanly shaved pussy to them. Take another piece of ice out and slide it down my trim stomach down to my ever so hot swollen pussy now and it feels so good.

I decide to see what these ” boys’ will really do, water, so I stand up water, totally nude now grab my towel and walk toward the entrance to the kitchen entrance.

As I walk through the door I don’t even see my son, Josh grabs me, puts me up on the kitchen table and buries his face inside of me. Ever so eager to taste me. I turn to look to see where my baby boy went and there he is with his massive swollen cock in my face. I Immediately take it in my mouth as he just looks down at me and smiles. Suck my cock mom he says and I take it all in.

Josh stands and pulls me ass to the edge of the table and with one thrust slams his rock hard cock in me. It’s so big inside of me but I can’t take my eyes off my son. His look of pleasure as he fucks my face. It’s incest I keep saying but there’s nothing that will stop this now. Josh sits me up and takes my hand to lead me into our living room.

I can feel my son so close behind me with his cock so hard. I want it so bad.

Josh lays down on the couch and pulls me on top of his swollen eager young cock, and before I could even turn around I feel him behind me rubbing the head of his cock against mommy’s tight asshole. He leans down, cups my breast and whispers in my ear…I’ve seen daddy fuck you now I’m going to show you how much better I can. And he slowly slides it in I cant help but to let out a loud moan of pure ecstasy. And in that moment we all three tougher cum hard and loud as these boys fill me with their young hot sperm.

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