Incest is when you have sex with someone in your family. Most people frown on it. But not me. My hunky teenage son is fucking hot and he loves his mommy. I mean, it was not always like this. When he was little I was a good mom and normal mom by the world’s standards. But one day when he was about 13 I caught him looking at me while I changing my clothes. He was embarrassed and ran off. But I masturbated that night just thinking about it.

We never spoke of it. But after that, I started leaving my bedroom door the bathroom door open so he could get a good look at me naked. I let him see all of my body. I could hear him jerking off and it really turned me on. By the time he was 16 the sexual tension between was on overload. One night when his dad was out on a long weekend with his fishing buddies and I invited him into my bedroom to watch a movie with me. I picked one that was R rated that had a steamy sex scene between a younger guy and an older woman.

As he laid next to me I slid my hand onto his big cock and began to stroke it. He said, “Mom, it feels so good. But isn’t Incest wrong?” So I opened my robe to show my naked body and said, “I don’t care if it is. I don’t care if I burn in hell. I want you, son. Want to fuck you.” His cock grew hard as a rock and he crawled on top and me and fucked me with all his might. That was the first of many nights of our naughty incest affair. I loved it!

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