My Older Brother, Marc-Phillipe was not around much when I was growing up.  He’d already gone off to college by the time I reached grade school.  He was a Pilot for Roissy (a.k.a., Air France to those not from the region) and was the hottest piece of ass anyone knew. Incest wasn’t part of my vocabulary…yet.  For me, as a 16 year old going to visit her flashy big brother in downtown Paris where he maintained not one, but TWO flats…Incest…hmmmm.  First of all, I’d never heard the term. And even when I did, incest somehow just didn’t apply.  We barely KNEW one another…I mean, yeah. He’s my brother, but, he was nearly a man by the time I was born, so…When I saw him, each time, he caused things to happen within me, But, I never thought anything more of the “feelings”…I didn’t know what they were.

By sixteen, I was soooo very excited to hear ma Mere (Mom) call me to the phone…

“Cheri? Come to the telly!  Your brother has a surprise for you…I am so excited for you.  Come, come!”

I was taking the old stone steps 3-at-a-time to get to the phone.  All the while rolling my eyes invisibly at my parents for NEVER putting more telephone lines throughout their massive home.  I know…old dogs, new tricks…LOL.  I was breathless by the time I got to Mom in the kitchen, clutching the receiver to her bosom. She was smiling at me, as always.

” Oui. Salut. Cela Est Josette!”

My heart was pounding and then I hear it.  A deep intake of breath before….

“Bonjour, ma petite soeur. Comment est l’amour de ma vie?”… Loosely translated, “Hi, baby sister.  How is the love of my life?”

My heart nearly stopped and I had no idea why. But, suddenly I knew exactly why all his happy female companions fell at his luscious feet. I looked at Mom to see if she was reading my face as she was wont to do at all times.  Mind yours for a change, Mom. LOL.  I listened as Marc told me about his special surprise for his baby sister…He’d done these special weeks under the bright lights and away from Mere and Pere’s watchful eyes. Love you guys, but I was sixteen!

By the time I hung the receiver back on the wall and turned to Mom.

She was smiling all over herself with a rolling list of what I needed for my excursion with Marc.  He was handsome and stylish and sexy and OH GOD…the smell of him was Heaven on Earth! I was packing in my head too…No idea what he had planned, but I wanted to be as fly as possible when it happened.

I waited until Mom had her back turned and had walked into my bathroom to tuck in a few sexy items.  What?  Maybe my big brother had some friends who wanted to walk a bit on the YOUNG & WILD side!  And before long, Marc’s two-seater could be heard crunching it’s way along the stone country road leading to our compound.  I was giddy with excitement and kissed Mom goodbye before Marc’s car came to a full stop in front of the bank of garages.  I bolted from the door and thrust myself into his arms, wrapping my teen thighs around his firm waist and hooked my ankles together behind him.

He laughed and took my face into both of his hands, examining me, then said,

“My, Josette Marie!  How you have grown. You are almost a woman now!”

His smile lit up my heart, and truthfully?  My pussy moistened and I was fearful he might feel it through his white silk shirt.  I slid down to the grown, his palms grazing my ass and up my back as I slid along him. His cock was rock hard, by-the-way…I passed it on the way down. Giggle. Our eyes met only momentarily, but we both knew.  And my pussy leaked, causing my thighs to becum slippery with desire. Incest.

As Marc and I wound along the roads leading out of our small town, we cruised along in silence, but my juices were on high alert…His cologne being brought back into the car through the convertible top, didn’t help me dry up any. Haha.  I couldn’t WAIT to get to Paris and see his flat and get to know my big brother better.  So, when we pulled into his garage, my senses were heightening.  ‘This is it!’, I thought as I took his waiting hand and slid from the seat. How gallant!

From the moment we entered his flat, I knew I’d over-packed…We were not leaving this little slice of heaven all week.

Marc scooped me into his arms and set upon the stairs leading, (I supposed) to his boudoir.  When he nudged the double doors open, he tossed me over a shoulder and slapped my bared ass with a crack of his hand. Ouch! Mmmmm.  My skirt was short and have I mentioned the wetness?  Ah…Incest.

The entire week we spent in each other’s arms, or something like that. (Giggle) My tight, young pussy was subjected to the most delicious tortures.  he invited a steady stream of his friends over to violate me and squirt their hot loads of cum in and on me.  And he saved the BBC for last…No sense beginning with them.  They’d just ruin all that teenage tightness for those who would follow. LOL.  To my surprise, even though I was no stranger to sex, I’d yet to be subjected to the wild atmosphere engendered by group sex! Being the party favor of the week is sooooo in my wheelhouse!

My ass had been torn nearly in two with the incessant ass fucking, some of it forced, but I loved it all…eventually. (Wink)  And when I got home, I couldn’t wait to write in my journal about my fuck fest with my big brother.

He’ll forever be a light in my life and I can never thank him enough for teaching me how to determine what a man NEEDS…

Which, is NOT ALWAYS the same as what he asks for! Like when I told him about my son and his Mommy adDICKshun!LOL.  Wanna test my skills at reading into your deepest desires, Baby?

Call me and see why Marc loves his baby-sister more than anyone else…Because I do what no other girl does… Simply put, Baby…she just doesn’t know how!

Is NAUGHTY In Your Nature?