Incest Impregnation Captions – Recording Memorable Moments

If you are on social media at all, there is the possibility you have seen the incest impregnation captions. Captioned memes and gifs are everywhere these days. They record political moments, to entertainment events, celebrity screw-ups and family events too. Why not caption the conception moment from incest?

These captions will not likely be seen on regular social media. Most of the captions are x-rated. Examples include Grandpa and his young granddaughter having sex, Uncle Bob and his sex niece Jackie, and the list goes on and on.

Even MILFs are getting in on the incest impregnation captions.

Take me for instance. My nephew and I have been having sex for years. Now that he is getting older, we have unprotected sex. He is a virile as a bull and has loaded his babies into me many a time. We have every intention of getting me pregnant. My life experience adds to my incest phone sex in many amazing ways.

I love babies and my kids are so big now. I miss having little ones. My nephew is absolutely gorgeous and with our genes, the baby will be so wonderful. While we are copulating we are taking lots of pictures to record the momentous occasions. Sex between us is epic. All the pictures we have are x-rated but we love to share them on the internet.

Know that we don’t publish them on our Facebook.

Our family is all about family-play but advertising it on our social media accounts is not the best way to celebrate who we are. We happily post on the porn websites where they allow amateur postings. My nephew’s cock is huge so we get lots of attention to our pictures, gifs, memes, and videos.

My dad now does the same thing when he initiates the girls in our family. They are always taking pictures of their time together and then creating the incest impregnation captions memes. Pops loves to show them off at our family gatherings. Furthermore, everyone enjoys seeing sexy nieces as they are plowed deep by Grandpa.

You could say we aren’t like most families.

On one occasion, we were having a holiday get together. Pops decided it would be a great addition to our get together by having a full-on orgy with his granddaughters. We would take pictures to commemorate the event and create his incest impregnation captions. He is still pulling those out and going on about them. So many amateur teen pics to see.

That day, three of the granddaughters got pregnant. Pops was very proud of his virile sperm. The event itself was so fucking hot. We were all there watching as he and the girls were in a huge pile together. No one else was allowed as he wanted to father any new kids.

Pops is a strong family leader.

He made sure to expose the girl’s bodies to us all. Showing us what he was getting to play with and experience. Pulling their legs apart to show us those beautiful young pussies. Bending them over to let us see those tight little assholes. Watching them was intoxicating. So sexy for those of us watching we had our own play time on the side.

Pops happily burying his big cock in the girls. Absolutely amazing to watch as he penetrates the granddaughters. His dick sliding into those small pussies. Some of the girls were losing their virginity that day. Consequently, what a wonderful experience they were having.

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