brother sister incest sex stories

I love incest fucking my brother. But lately? He’s been a bit whiny. He is so jealous that I’m pregnant with Davon’s little bi-racial baby! Even though I still pay just as much attention to him AND his dick, all I ever hear about is how I let a big black cock put a baby inside me, instead of his! He’s always been jealous of other guys. It’s like he doesn’t get that he can’t actually be my boyfriend – he’s my brother!

Sure, we can have our undercover incest fun, but we can never really be a couple! Besides, he goes to school HOURS away. I need more dick than he can supply me with, and well… I do love his dick. And our incest fucking is a HUGE turn on because it’s so wrong that it’s just right. But let’s face it.

I will NEVER get past my obsession with big black cock!

He’s EXTRA jealous of Davon because he knows that Davon is in love with me. All the other guys in my life, even the ones with big, fat, delicious chocolate dicks, have come and gone. D has been the only other “constant” man in my life. (Well, there’s Daddy, my other D man! but shhhh! My brother doesn’t have to know about my other incest adventures! He’s already whiny enough, as it is!) Now that he feels like Davon has some sort of claim or ownership of me and my daily growing baby bump, he’s constantly either whining or trying to mark his territory!

Every time he comes home from school, he’s trying to shove his dick inside me the entire time! Usually I LIKE it when he tries to seduce me into some hot incest sex with him. But it loses some of it’s taboo fun factor when he wants to fuck out of desperation to lay claim to me! He’s been making it feel more like a chore to fuck him recently than something I want to do, and this weekend.

I decided I’d had enough!

He came home for the holiday weekend, and as soon as he hit the door, it started. “Come on sis. No one’s home. Come upstairs with big brother and sit on his cock“. Ugh! I was annoyed with him for trying to bully me into having sex instead of just letting it happen. No way was I rewarding him for being a whiny little possessive creep! But, he was right. No one was home. We were all alone, and I came up with the perfect way to get my frustration about his behavior across to him! I had warned him SO many times… now he was going to get a REAL reason to whine!

I didn’t say a word. Just tugged his gym shorts down and wrapped my hand around the base of his thick, hard cock. He does have a pretty amazing dick, I have to admit. I was just tired of incest fucking to alleviate his typical male insecurities (don’t ALL white men have at least an unconscious suspicion that their cocks will NEVER satisfy us like big black cocks can??)  instead of doing it just for fun of fucking! He was about to learn what happens when you piss little sis off instead of turning her on!

He smiled as I started to pump that perfectly shaped dick and teasing it’s extra big fat mushroom head.

Leaning back onto the bed, moaning and thrusting his hips upward. I let him go for a few minutes, and already, he was panting and sweating and ready to fuck! I pulled my hand off of his cock and just let it stand straight up and throb – jerking and twitching helplessly, seeking that slick, sexy hand to pump it. His eyes popped open and I couldn’t help laughing at the expression on his face! He opened his mouth, probably to whine some more, which I was already sick of, so before he could say a word, I grabbed his dick and started my slow teasing pumping again.

He smiled, closed his eyes, and went back to enjoying the feel of his ‘lil sis jerking him off. I giggled a little, savoring the fact that he still thought he was about to get some brother sister incest sex! I let him go for a few minutes – pumping and stroking, and teasing his balls, until he was almost ready to blow that load again. Then once again, I stopped. We went on this way for what seemed like hours. Each time I stroked him closer and closer to orgasm. And each time I stopped, he begged more and more desperately for me to make him cum.

I knew he couldn’t take much more.

I promised him I wouldn’t stop again. Then I whispered to him that his dirty ‘lil sis was going to make him cum all over himself. I stroked, I teased, and I pushed him right to the edge. Every muscle in his body was tight and straining. Sweat stood out on his forehead. He moaned feverishly that he was about to cum. He was SO ready, I could see it on his face!

Just then the front door opened. 
My mom called out from downstairs, letting us know she was home. I looked at him, shrugged, and pulled my hand off of his cock. He couldn’t believe I was going to leave him hard and 2 seconds away from shooting his cum! I smiled sweetly and said “remember this moment the next time you get ready to whine at me about Davon and having his baby instead of yours.

I didn’t hear one word about Davon for the rest of the weekend.
Eventually, I gave in and let my brother have his hot, dirty, taboo incest orgasm. I think he had learned his lesson! And besides – I’m pregnant, I’m horny, and he IS a really good fuck. 😉

Your dirty ‘lil bro/sis incest slut, 

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