I never thought incest with my parents would feel this good.

I have always been a parents girl. I’d do anything to keep my parents happy. Well, I remember one day my boyfriend at the time was dropping me off at home after school. I never thought it would turn into an incest situation… But, my boyfriend and I were hugging, kissing, and saying goodbye for the night. I had a feeling my parents were watching! Right when I walked in the door my parents told me to sit down with them on the couch. I sat in between my parents on the couch and asked if I did something to upset them.

“No, honey, you’re just maturing into such a beautiful young woman – we wanted to help you with anything you may be confused about or need help with.”

My dad put his hand gently on my throat and pushed my head against the back of the couch. He began kissing my lips, forcing his tongue inside my mouth. I wasn’t fighting him though. 😉 I felt my mom rub her hand up my thigh and in between my legs. She began rubbing me under my dress. I could feel her pull my panties to the side so she could run my little clit easier. Then I began to moan as my daddy kissed my lips. I could hear my dad whisper “you like being daddy’s little incest slut, don’t you!” My mommy really knew how to make my pussy feel good!

My dad than began taking off his pants as he continued kissing me.

I loved being daddy’s good girl and kissing him like he likes. Don’t know why incest is looked down upon so much, because I love it. I opened my eyes while I kissed him back, I could see my daddy stroking his cock while he made out with his little girl. Daddy’s cock was so big! My moms fingers were now inside me. I could feel them wiggling inside me as she went deeper and deeper. She rubbed my clit at the same time and it felt so good!

My mom told me to be daddy’s good little incest slut and get on my knees for daddy. I obeyed. I always listen to mommy and daddy. So I got on my knees on the couch. My mom layed upside down underneath me. Her pussy was right in my face and she than she started to lick my clit. I could feel her tongue go inside me. Her tongue was so wet and warm. She moved her tongue to my clit as daddy rubbed his cock on the outside of my pussy.

He said he wanted to get me nice and wet before he stuck his cock in me. I could feel my pussy get more and more wet. Than, daddy began sliding his big cock inside of me. I loved being his little incest slut. It hurt a little but felt better and better the further he went inside me. He began moving it in and out of my pussy. I could feel every ridge and bump on his cock. My pussy was so tight, because I was a virgin at the time.

I could feel every movement from his cock going in and out of me.

Daddy said he wanted me to feel what it feels like to have cum shoot inside my pussy. I could hear my mom agree with him. They wanted their little girl to feel the warm cum in her pussy.

My dad started going faster and faster, he was hurting my little pussy as he started going harder and harder! I kept moaning and groaning in pain as he kept slamming his cock inside of me. He let out a loud groan as he shoves his cock as deep as it could go inside of me, and he held it as deep as it could go! It hurt so bad but I didn’t know why he stopped. Before I could even get another thought in his body twitched and than I felt it. It felt like a rocked of warm juices shot inside of me. It hurt but the warmth inside of me felt so good. Daddy filled me with his cum. I was daddy’s little girl and I loved making daddy happy. Mommy loved eating daddy’s cum out of their little girl’s pussy too!

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