Incest is best.  I got my start early, but I’ll never forget it.

Incest carries such a heavy taboo even if it means something fairly mild. Family love, the forbidden fruit. We have all been awkward teenagers at one point in time. Teenagers get curious about their bodies and the changes they are going through. They often want to dip a toe into the water with someone they can trust. I would think folks would want that for people that age. Better that than waiting until prom night to lose your virginity to some asshole who just wants to get his dick wet.

Incest is truly best, and anyone who disagrees isn’t thinking about it clearly. My first experience was fairly innocent. I was young. My tender body was blossoming, and my older cousins took notice.

There was a big cookout to celebrate my family moving into a new house. It was an old dusty place at the time with lots of secret hiding spots. The other kids and I were exploring the secrets of the new house when I found myself alone with 2 of my cousins. They told me they wanted to show me a secret. I timidly agreed and they pulled their hard peckers from their pants and showed them to me.

I had never seen one before and I was mesmerized.

Shaking like a leaf, I reached out to touch one of them. It felt so warm and rigid and I wanted more. They started running their hands over my round little bottom and pulled me in closer. Their hands-on me sent goosebumps all over my little body and a special tingle in a place I would soon discover. I wanted them to touch me there, but just at that moment, we heard our parents calling for us.

I’ve always wondered what else I might have discovered, but it opened up a whole other world to explore. And explore I did. I have so many more stories to share.

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