Incest sex is very taboo I agree; but when you have a sexy daddy like mine, you would understand!

Incest didn’t just cross my mind one day. It started when I kept seeing my daddy’s looks linger just a little too long. He loved to grab the hem of my short skirts and flip them upwards to prove how he could see my panties if a good wind came by.

Not gonna lie I was curious to see how far I could push him. Would he cave and fuck his only daughter and potentially get me pregnant? I wasn’t on birth control, so the risk was there.

I did get into his pants one day. After that he rejected my advances. He told me what we did was wrong. Whenever we were home alone he would busy himself so he wouldn’t be tempted. I found him hanging out on the sofa one late afternoon and asked where mom was. He knew what I wanted, he told me to just stop pestering him he wasn’t going to play with me like that again.

I told him I wouldn’t say another word about it. I asked if he wanted to watch a DVD I rented earlier. He agreed before I left the room to change into my pj’s. When I came out I was in my short nightie. It wasn’t so short you could see my ass or pussy…but if I bent over you would get a full view. Daddy had his eyes glued to me. I got down on my knees and prepared the movie. One of the cords way in the back was loose (wonder how that happened?) I pushed my ass in the air and reached deeper into the entertainment center and fiddled around connecting the cord.

Daddy gasped when he saw my puckered pussy lips squeezed between my closed legs. I was wet and beyond fucking horny for dirty incest sex with my daddy. I heard him inhale so I looked over my shoulder and asked if he was okay. He asked me why I wasn’t wearing panties? I said I wouldn’t say anything about wanting to fuck him. That didn’t mean I wouldn’t tempt him.

I was still on all fours. I reached under and between my legs and used a single finger to caress my slit. I looked like such a slut. Daddy was rock hard. It was so obvious through his pants. I crawled over to him and pushed my pussy wet finger into his mouth. I felt the tug of the suction and he savored me.

He tugged me up and told me to stand. He licked my pussy like a greedy animal. My hands on his head pushing him on. I wanted his cock so badly at this point. Daddy got up and had me kneel on the sofa and hold the back of the sofa. He told me to keep my legs closed tight. His cock rubbed up and down my slit hard. I felt him shove deep into me none to kindly. I loved it though and got off fast. Daddy started groaning loud when his cum blasted inside of me. After he pulled out of me he slapped my ass for being such a bad girl.

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