Incest: City of Brotherly Love

Ever since my brother got accepted to Temple, he has been begging me to come to some of his frat parties.  Last weekend I finally gave in and decided to make an appearance.  It was the usual college frat party.  lots of kegs, hot guys, and girls who thought they were really “wild”.  Little did they know Jersey’s party girl was in the house and ready for incest!

The night got wild pretty quickly.  Being the new meat, I got a ton of attention.  It wasn’t long before I was laid out on the beer pong table having random guys doing body shots off of my tight young body.  Maybe I had one too many shot myself, but I was in the mood to really let my hair down.  I was really feeling a couple of guys there and wanted them to meet me upstairs.  I stumbled a bit making my way to the room one of them told meet him.

The room was dark and, in my current state, couldn’t find the light.  I saw someone on the bed and jumped in.  We started making out in that primal way two horny drunk people do.  Our clothes were flying and I could feel his huge cock was rock hard.  My pussy was so wet, we didn’t even have time to speak before I climbed on top and started to take that meat for a ride.  He felt so good, filling me in a way I hadn’t been filled in a while.  He was squeezing my big tits, sucking and biting my nipples, as I felt myself ready to cum.  My body tensed and I could feel his tensing too.  As soon as I came, I jumped to me knees to take his load all over my face.

I didn’t tell him facials were my favorite, but I didn’t have to.

Giggling and trying to find our clothes, he flipped on the light.  In my horror, standing naked in front of me, was my brother.  What had we done?  We couldn’t deny the fact that we both came or the fact that we fucking enjoyed every second of the incest encounter.  I’ll even go as far as to admit I would do it again.  I had no idea my brother’s cock was so big and I don’t think he had any idea I could fuck that well.

The city of brotherly love really did me in!

Teen Phone Sex!