A Son who only has Eyes for his Incest Mother

Let me tell you about Anthony and Jeanne Catherine. Anthony is a loving son. Loves his mom to the extreme. In fact, you can say that he not only loves her, but lusts after her morning, noon, and night. Oh yes, incest is the only thing on the menu for Anthony.

I’m a firm believer that there is a special connection between a mother and her son. A closeness that is unparalleled by all others. The fact that that connection can morph into an incestuous one is a natural progression. That an incest mother’s thoughts turn to lust should be celebrated, not hidden away. So what if she’s embraced her inner horny slut? More power to her, I say.

That’s what Jeanne Catherine has done. When she orders her naughty lingerie from Fredrick’s, she thinks of how her son will react to her in those crotchless leopard-printed panties. How hard he gets, drinking her in. She thinks about her son Anthony when she plunges that big black dildo inside her hot, tight, cunt, pumping away at a feverish pace.

That incest mother wants her son’s cum deep inside her pussy.

She wants to hold his cock deep in her mouth while he fucks his incest mother’s face. Incest might not be for everyone, but it sure as hell is for these two.

Anthony and Jeanne Catherine are proud of their incestuous relationship. So much so that they want to proclaim it to all. Exchanging vows in front of witnesses. Having her seal the deal with a kiss – on his cock. And her belly was swollen with his baby.

So let’s celebrate incest between a mother and her son! Their undying lust for one another and their need to continue in the family fun tradition! Unbridled, raw, and burning hot and heavy!


What about you? Do you covet an incest mother to sate all your incestuous needs?  Let me be that cunt of a mother that will always spread her legs and welcome your cock in whatever hole you desire!

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