Incest is best when my kinky daughter and I have our sites set on my nephew.

Incest thoughts gets my heart racing and my pussy dripping wet, especially when my daughter Alyssa gets to join in on the fun. My sister’s son is such a good looking young man! Every time he comes over I just can’t help but to make sure I’ve got on a sexy and revealing outfit and to make sure he’s got all my attention. And I have to admit something too, I’ve been secretly watching him from a few hidden cameras I had installed in the room he stays in. I’m always the first to volunteer for him to stay with me when my sister travels for business, and now with the hidden cameras in place I get to watch him anytime I want. Those incest thoughts have always run through my mind, I was just trying to find the perfect time to act on them.

I was sitting at the desk in my bedroom one night, watching him shower. I was so wrapped up in watching him and sliding a finger into my panties and playing with myself that I didn’t even hear my daughter Alyssa walk in. She said, ‘what are you watching mom?’. I turned around I tried to block the screen but it was too late. I wasn’t sure what she would think, but the smile that spread across her face told me she wanted to watch with me. We watched him for awhile and then she admitted to me all the naughty thoughts she had had about him as well. So we devised a plan to get what we wanted, a night of incest fun with him.

He was sitting in his bed reading a book when I knocked on the door and we both walked in. He pulled his covers up since he was just in his boxers, trying to hide his half naked body from us both. I sat on one side and Alyssa on the other, me tugging at the blanket, Alyssa reaching underneath rubbing his dick. He looked a little panicked but I told him this is how family’s likes our show love baby. I kissed Alyssa and slid my hand down her shirt, working her tits in my hand. Then we both took off our clothes and convinced him to do the same. As I kissed him I whispered in his ear, ‘Alyssa and I are going to have fun with you tonight! You’ll either participate willingly, or …………’.  Want to play out the rest of the story with us? Call me, and check out my other kinky sex stories on my page.

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