Incest is best put your Auntie to the test

Incest calls are a popular call I do as a phone sex operator. People fantasize about different people in their lives all the time, for different reasons. Family loves you in a different way. They touch you in a different way. But what if the way they touch you turns you on. Or when you look at them, you get turned on. Clients ask me all the time about my personal life. I’m hot and sexy and live with young boys.

I have been a mother figure to my 22-year-old nephew most of his life. I have always treated him like my own little boy. As he got older I have seen changes in him. He was turning into a man. He was always into porn and different sexual things. We are only ten years apart so as he got older we became more of friends. He would tell me all his girlfriend problems, how many girls he would have sex with. He would tell me what he liked sexually. I was married with a child so of course, I found all this interesting. I was recently separated and started going out with my nephew and his girlfriend.

So I started dressing really sexy, drinking having a good time.

I even fucked one of my nephew’s little 21-year-old friends. All of a sudden my nephew has started looking at me differently, flirting with me even getting a little jealous of all my flirting with his friends. One night after a night of drinking he came over to my house after a fight with his girlfriend, we started to have a deep conversation. He said he has been having thoughts about me. He asked to see my breasts, jokingly I flashed him quick. Then he said he has always wanted to see me completely nude. I told him to go to bed you little perv lol.

Nothing else was mentioned about it until a couple of weekends ago when we out together again. On the way home I was in the back seat between him and his friend. My nephew started to put his hand up my dress and started caressing my thigh, I slapped his hand away. I think he wants to fuck me and put his auntie to the test. I have yet to let him cross over from fantasy from reality.

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