You guys know I have a very close, but somewhat taboo and risque relationship with my Brother right? Well it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other and I’ve been missing him, and I think he’s been missing me too.

He sent me this email yesterday and it definitely had the desired effect on me. People might say it’s incest but he is one guy who knows EXACTLY what gets me going:

Well I have missed you lil sister, but I have been thinking about you….

I want to take you on a little trip. It’s been a long time since we have been to a movie together and I think we should go again. I tell you I loved your last outfit- the one with plunging neckline and no bra or panties. You tell me you have a similar one and I tell you to wear it and be ready to go soon.You hang up and get dressed. In about 20 minutes my horn honks and you run out to greet me. When you get in, you give me a kiss and hug, and squeeze my crotch. I make sure you are bare, and find you are already wet.

Like a typical kid sis, you ask over and over where we are going and what we’re seeing, even though I tell you that you’ll find out when we get there. Finally I lose my temper and give your thigh an open hand smack so loud a car next to us hears. I then pull over, take off one of
my socks, and put it across your eyes- forming a blindfold. I then lower you down so you are belted in, but below eye level. I take my other sock off and stuff it in your mouth- reminding you I don’t like being questioned.

After a little while, I stop the car and tell you I’ll be right back. When I get back, I take off your seatbelt, and help you up and out. Like a good girl, your blindfold hasn’t moved, and neither has your gag. I lead you into a place with cold AC, and you feel the darkness. I lead you into the theater and sit you down on a leather couch. You hear the sounds of people having sex, and then I remove your blindfold and gag.There are about 6 men standing in front of you, cocks out, staring. I explain that you are my adult, but kid sister. You have been bugging the shit out of me and need to be taught a lesson. Some start laughing, and think I’m kidding, until I come across your face with an open palm
and almost knock you off the couch. I then grab your little dress and rip it off you. I take you by the hair, and tell you to take my cock out to suck it, and hurry because others are waiting.You undo my buckle, and pull my pants and boxers down. You open your mouth and take me fully  in. After just a minute or so I pull back and smack you again- telling you not good enough. I pick you up by the hair, turn you around, and line my cock up with your ass. With only
your saliva as lube, I push in slowly. You struggle to take it, but I tell the other guys you are now open. Soon you have a cock in your mouth, one in each hand, and hands pinching and slapping your whole body. Soon the guy in your mouth cums and you swallow him, only to feel
another cum on your back.Soon I feel ready and tell everyone I’m cumming in your tight ass. I let loose a huge load, and when I pull out, am quickly replaced. I tell them to make sure you are full in every hole,and go to sit down and watch. I also tell them that you like it rough, and prove it by kicking you in the stomach and running my nails down your back. Everyone else joins in, and in between fuckings, they slap, punch, and kick you. Soon you are lying on the floor, blood dripping from your nose and lips, cum covering you from head to toe, and leaking out of your ass and pussy. You look up and ask if we are all satisfied. I say no, and stand over you, and let a thick stream of piss flow over you.

You sit up and stick your tongue out, and soon others join me in hosing you down. You get on all fours and spread your ass so we can hose all of you down. When we are all relieved, I tell you to clean us off, and you lick all the cocks again, and even a few dirty assholes.I help you up, take you into the bathroom, and help you wash up a little. I also buy you a new stripper dress from the store up front, and escort you back to the car.

So sis, did you enjoy the movies?I came so many times reading this I had to share. Have you ever thought about your sister like this? I would love to hear about it.

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