Incest is more common than you think. Most men are just sworn to secrecy out of pure embarrassment. Sex is the most natural thing and should be explored whenever opportunity knocks. imagine my not so pure young body tempting and teasing you. Will you be able to refuse me? Especially know incest between an uncle and niece was considered so wrong.

How could something so wrong be so right? The kinky thoughts of fucking his young nieces’ body filled his thoughts more than he cared to mention. He couldn’t tell anyone! Why would he tell anyone, that he lusted for his teen nieces hard little body? They would have thought he was an animal on one hand and a stud on the other. Incest was so taboo, but such a turn on for any man when presented the right situation.

Teasing a man is a specialty of mine. Pushing your buttons to the point of no self-control. I love making you weak! Hungry! It was like second nature to me. Yes, I was naughty by nature. I used my playful gestures against my Uncle without even thinking. Just like I would tempt you if the opportunity presented itself.  Slowly rubbing the lollipop around my lips, as I sucked it into my mouth. Licking it up and down, as my little hand gripped the stick.  My playful gesture began to work on my Uncle. As it did so many other times on men. This wasn’t hard – especially for me. Just ask Daddy.

It didn’t take much encouragement. Before long, uncle Tony was stroking his thick hard cock through his shorts. I enjoyed watching him. My pussy started to tingle, as my sweet young clit twitched each time his hands moved up and down his shaft. I was eager to pleasure him. I couldn’t resist placing my young hand around his cock. His eyes never left mine. He knew I was no stranger to pleasing men. I told him ” Take it slow! Let’s savor the moment.” He watched me intensely, as I slipped his throbbing cock deep into my mouth. Sucking it and teasing him like any good girl should please a man. Extremely aroused by sucking his cock – I wanted more.

I couldn’t deny him any longer. He wanted it all. He needed a taste of my sweet, young, bald pussy and he wanted to fuck each of his naughty little nieces’ holes. It was all about to change for him. One lick of my honey pot drove him insane. Slowly starting at my clit, down my slit and swirling his tongue around my starfish. My Uncle Tony would never be the same. The pressure was building. It was just a matter of time. Within minutes his monster cock found its way deep into my tight little snatch.

Think you can handle the in-depth details of my incest adventure with my uncle?

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