The Hard and the Heavenly


There’s something about a bouncing, bobbing erect penis which can be so fucking hot. But what is it about a hard dick? What makes an erection sexy?
Before my inbox caves under the weight of all the dick pics. Just to make something absolutely clear: random images of cock (erect or otherwise) don’t automatically turn me on. I don’t look at a hard cock and think fuck, that’s sexy. I need to have some context, a reason.

A Hard Dick-Rise to Pleasure

The context of and reasons for finding certain erections sexy are quite varied. It’s not as simple as “Oh you’re a decent guy, therefore, I love your beautiful erect cock and want to hop on board immediately.” I mean, obviously, I say exactly that to my partner every time we foreplay!

It would be unrealistic to imagine that his is the only erect cock I ever see in my day to day life. He sees enough erect cocks in his own day to day life, but that’s another story for another day. So whose erections do I find sexy, why do I find those erections sexy in particular, and how do they differ from each other?

Somewhat startlingly, there’s a definite power element to finding my partner’s erection incredibly sexy. When he gets erect around me I’m assuming it’s because of me. Yes, there may be other reasons as well but out of sheer vanity I like to believe it’s all me. He’s rather lovely and assures me that it’s all me as well, which is nice. It feels powerful, being attractive enough to cause him to get a hard dick, especially without touching him.

Then there’s the pleasure potential of his erection. My body responds, my throat tightens and my clit tingles as I anticipate what his erect cock is capable of. How it will feel when I take it in my hand and brush it against my skin. How it will feel when it slips inside my warm, tight wetness. So many thoughts, visuals, sensory imaginings, and memories pass through my mind in seconds when I look at his erection.

Throb with Passion-A Hard Dick

How he wears his erection also makes a difference to how I feel towards it. This might sound a little strange, because his penis is attached to him and he doesn’t have any other option than to ‘wear’ it. In the past I’ve had sexual partners who seemed embarrassed by their erection.

As if getting erect was a source of shame. I found the red-facedness and giggling incredibly juvenile and a total turn-off. It’s much sexier to me when a man wears his erection with pride and confidence without going over the line into arrogance.

Although I usually see and enjoy my partner’s free-bobbing hard dick in the privacy of our own bedroom (or bathroom) there are times when it’s his restrained erection I find unbelievably sexy.

It could be the outline of that tell-tale bulge when I tease him with just my words, out in public. Seeing him struggle to keep his face straight while his erect cock is restricted from reaching fullness by his underwear, and then his jeans over the top.

Depending where we are I might decide to tease him by sitting on his lap. Or pressing my body against him there, cupping that outline in my hand before carrying on as normal. When his erection happens someplace inappropriate for its release, and needs to be contained and restricted. It can be really fucking hot.

The fact we both have to wait until we’re someplace private. To enjoy his erection in full, and those thoughts taking over both our minds. Almost to the exclusion of everything else. Means the sex is all the more frenzied and wild when we finally enjoy it and a huge cum load .

When Life Gives You Lemons, Ask for a Hard Cock Instead

This erection restriction and my excitement relating to it takes a more severe form. When it comes to my attraction to slave erections. The kinky and slightly sadistic enjoyment of denying an erection from reaching its full potential is cranked all the way up to 11 in the form of a chastity fetish.

I’ve said I am not into receiving dick pics. But there is a type of dick pic I always enjoy receiving. Cocks locked into chastity cages. Metal padlock preferably, and with proof someone else holds all the keys and if that cock is obviously desperate to be released then all the better.

You may have seen the sort of photos I’m talking about. A submissive’s penis locked into a metal or plastic chastity cage. His full, tight balls straining beneath and the penis inside. The tube filling it to almost bursting, perhaps drooling some pre-cum for a clit-twitching bonus.

To me, a hard dick under lock and key in this way is the epitome of beautiful control. When a slave consents to and actively enjoys the power exchange of locking his penis up in a chastity cage. Handing another person the keys and willingly enduring the torment of erection and orgasm denial, it’s an irresistible thrill.