My impregnation fetish is out completely out of control.

Last night I let a stranger bust a huge load inside my pussy! My impregnation fantasy involving my best friend’s cheating husband did NOT work out according to plan. First, he knocked her up before he got me pregnant. And now? He is apparently suffering from low sperm count, because he just can’t seem to put his baby inside me! No matter how hard he deep dicks me; no matter how many times he floods my pussy with his seed – it’s just not working.

I’m tired of waiting. It would have been an awesome dirty secret to thrill over every day if HE had been my baby’s Daddy. Every time his wife cooed at my baby and talked about how pretty he/she was, she would be talking about her husband’s child. Such a slutty thrill! But, it doesn’t look as if it’s meant to be. I have fuck buddies that would probably LOVE to knock me up. But I can’t really say I return the feeling. Hey – they were chosen as fuck buddies due to the fact that I would never want to actually have binding ties with any of them. 😉

So, I decided to go out last night and find myself a hot, random fuck to be my baby Daddy!

I dressed to kill and went out to a local club. I went alone, sitting at the bar all by my lonesome. SO many guys stopped to talk. But none of them were right – until finally, an interestingly HOT guy came along! He introduced himself, then sat down on the stool next to me, asking how it happened that such a beautiful woman was out by herself on a Saturday night. The line was a bit over-used, but I smiled and quietly told him that I had a blind date, and he never showed up.

He immediately got that “I’m gonna get lucky tonight!” look on his face. Normally that would have annoyed me, but; I DID go to an awful lot of trouble to concoct a story to MAKE him feel that way. And besides – he was 100% correct. He WAS gonna get lucky tonight! He just didn’t realize it was so that my longing for impregnation could be filled.

We spent an hour or so making small talk.

I smiled as I watched him waste his money on shots of liquor for me. I drank them, but all that plying wasn’t really necessary. HE was the one being taken advantage of and used for his sperm; he just didn’t know it. Finally, when he thought I was tipsy enough, he asked if I’d like to go home with him. I told him that I’d LOVE to FUCK him. But I didn’t go back to stranger’s houses. If he was willing to rent a hotel room across the street, I would fuck his brains out for the rest of the night, and be gone when he woke up in the morning.  He smiled, grabbed my hand, and led me out of the bar. The hotel was so close we just walked across the street and checked in.

We hurried upstairs, and there was no romantic pretense necessary. We were both down for a no-nonsense non-romantic fuck.

Him because he was a dog, ruled by his cock. Me, because I wanted him to breed me! I dropped straight to my knees, looking up at him as I unbuckled his belt. He was so eager to shove that dick in my warm, wet mouth that he was helping me – jerking down his zipper, tearing off his boxers; exposing that thick hard cock and those swollen balls; engorged with thick, sticky cum just for me! I used my expert oral skills to push him to a desperate place.

He wanted to fuck me SO bad – the lust was stamped all over his face. Gooooood. That means when I tell him I’m allergic to condoms, he won’t be able to say no to fucking me without one. And when he starts to pull out before he cums? I’ll wrap my legs around him, hold on tight, and milk that cum into my hot little pussy with everything I’ve got! Whispering; encouraging him the whole time to just flood me with his cum. It’s safe… I promise!

I got that hot random stranger’s cum pumped deep inside my womb last night. I’m a bad little impregnation slut because…
I don’t even remember his fucking name.

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