Impregnation Sex Stories

I want to tell you an Impregnation Sex Stories about once when I was very young it is also an incest sex story. I had been active sexually for about a year, so I was 15 or so. This guy Wayne got me pregnant on purpose. My neighbor Candy was Wayne’s step sister. He had come to visit for a few days. He was fairly attractive older man. Wayne was in his early 50’s about the same age as Candy.

Candy threw a backyard BBQ to introduce Wayne. She invited my family over. Candy lived alone and worked at this mommy phone sex site from her house. She was one of my first female lovers. She had taught me a lot about making women cum. So, of course,

I went to the BBQ but I was very late.

Candy immediately brought me a drink spiked with some hard liquor, which I drank down instantly. When she introduced Wayne I realized most of the other guests had already left. Candy left us talking. Wayne escorted me to the buffet and helped me fill a plate. Candy brought me another strong drink.  Just as the last of the guests left as I was sitting down to eat.

I did not eat much. Candy kept running her hands over me. My mom came over to warn me it was getting late. I asked if I could stay to help clean up. We got to work and had the yard clean in short order. By then I had finished my 3rd drink. After we finished we went inside for dessert.

Wayne went to bed and Candy and I was a bit drunk. We were feeling NO PAIN and decided to call for some cheap phone sex for some Impregnation Sex Stories with incest phone sex. Both of us got turned on. My pussy was crying for attention. Candy and I were on the couch. We quickly stripped nude. LOL, We certainly were enjoying each other.

Candy was on the couch seat while I was bent over the arm of the couch with my legs spread for balance eating her pussy. She suddenly gripped my head between her legs like a vise. I could still breathe so I just continued to suck on her clit as I rubbed her g spot. My pussy was dripping from the orgasms that Candy had created in me. The cool air was stimulating my hot cunt.

Suddenly I felt a hand in the center of my back,

immediately followed by a nude man’s body pressing against my lower half. Before I could to anything but register the feel this huge cock head was being pushed into my pussy opening. GOD, it hurt so good. Candy held me in place while her brother tore into me. What followed was one of the best fucks of my life.

Wayne’s cock stretched my tiny pussy in every direction. He fucked me hard and fast causing me to orgasm over and over. I have no idea how long it lasted when I felt Wayne shove his cock against my cervix and hold still. The jerking of his cock told me he was cumming.

I was dazed from the drink and orgasms. I hear Candy and Wayne talking. Wayne’s cock still buried deeply in me.  Wayne was asking Candy if she was sure I was in my fertile period of the month. Evidently, they had plotted together to get me pregnant. So now I have a great Impregnation Sex Stories.

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