Impregnation sex stories are all I have been able to think about this season.  There’s something about the holiday season that makes it harder and harder to resist the urge to be stuffed and filled, like a Christmas stocking. Just thinking about it right now makes my panties wet.  So what I want for Christmas this year are hot loads of cum into my fertile ebony pussy.  This Christmas I am saying fuck being nice,  let’s All be fucking NAUGHTY.  All I need is the perfect person to bestow my sweet and wet gifts upon. This year I have my eyes and pussy set on my very married neighbor. 

It was about a week or so after Thanksgiving, I had been in the front yard putting the Christmas decoration on the front of the house when you pulled into your driveway.   Feeling in such a good mood, I waved and smiled at you and your wife as you exited the SUV.  However, only you responded.   She just cut her eyes and went into the house.  “What a bitch!”, I said under my breath and continued to put up my holiday decor.  Several minutes later I watched you load several suitcases and bags into her car.  Not wanting to draw attention to me being nosey, I watched you and her in my peripheral view while pretending to be preoccupied.  Looks like your cunt of a wife is going somewhere and leaving you and your cock home alone. 

Time to put a plan into motion! 

I watch you kiss her icy lips and wave bye to her as she drives out of your driveway and from both of our views.  You walk across the lawn when you know for sure she is gone.  I pretend to not even notice you until you call out, “Howdy, Neighbor!” Only then do I look your way.   “ Hey, I would like to apologize for my wife’s behavior earlier.” I giggled and said, “No worries, I am used to hating ass hoes!”  You know I am right too. 

There were plenty of times she caught you checking out my ass and it drove her crazy.  “So, where did the Ice Queen go?”, I asked you.   You couldn’t wait to share the news that she is going to stay with her family up North and would be gone until after the 1st of the year.  You offered to help finish with the decorations and of course I accepted.  After all the decorations were up and it looked like a winter wonderland in my front yard I invited you in for a drink. 

Impregnation sex stories have me wet!

After quite a few drinks, you loosen up.   You began to share way more than I should know.   Like that fact that she is a lazy fuck and that you have not had good pussy since before you got married.  I ask you about kids and why you did not have any. Only to find out she doesn’t want them.  I knew right then that the impregnation sex stories we make tonight were going to rock your world.  I slid closer to him on the couch. He was nervous, but it didn’t take long for our festivities to begin. 

I unzipped my red sweater revealing my laced bra and without hesitation, you began to help me remove the rest of my clothing.  Standing completely naked before you, I watch you soak me all in.  Enjoying the curves of my naked ebony body.  You began to plant kisses and licks all over me.  While you were feasting on my chocolate nipples I began to unzip your pants to release long thick cock.   Damn, you are hard as fuck and I needed to feel you inside of me.  

It’s throbbing!!

As I stoke that cock head against my wet pussy lips.   You could wait to slide that thick head inside my waiting cum trap.  As I took you deep inside of I couldn’t help but let out deep moans of pleasure as he plowed deep inside of me. My legs draped over his shoulders as his huge balls slapped up against my ass. His moans and grunts became so animalistic, as my pussy squeezed his baby maker with each orgasm. The more I came, the harder he thrust his dick deeper into my squirting hole.

I could feel his pace quicken, with each stroke. I opened my pussy lips wider so I could get every inch of his massive cock. “Breed me, baby”, I said as I rocked my pussy up and down his dick. My pussy sucked on to his bare unprotected cock as he squirted his cum deep inside me. Not moving another inch, he left his cock to drain inside my soaked pulsating pussy. Looking for the perfect place for your seed? Let’s Breed because I am ready to get pregnant!   

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