When I was married, we lived in a nice neighborhood.  We knew all our neighbors and were very close with all of them. Lots of get-together and parties were held and lots of alcohol consumed at these events. Probably not the best parenting on our part, but we sure had fun. One such event, lots of drinking, our neighbor approached us about having sex with our daughter. This event leads to the first of my impregnation sex stories.

If you have read any of my blogs, you know our family was very “family fun” friendly. Shoot, we were part of a family fun community that did a daddy daughter swap among the families in our group. Hal, that approached us that day didn’t have any kids which made him unable to participate in the swap. The other mothers in our group had told me he had approached them. His request was always the same; the daughter to spend a weekend with him so he could impregnate her.

Let me give you some background on Hal, he was divorced and had no children. He was a surgeon that worked on special cases that no one else would take. The stories he shared with us at events would bring us all to tears. We loved to hear how he helped someone no one else would. Standing at 6’3’, he was built very well, as he ran faithfully rain or shine. His face was handsome, and he kept his hair short.

Each of the mothers had agreed to let him spend a weekend 

with their daughters.

After discussing it with my husband, we decided the only difference of this and the daddy swap was no one came to our house for the weekend. He and I agreed we were okay with it. We could purchase the “morning after” pills for her to have each morning. She was too young to have a baby. I was told he was very gentle and kind to the girls and he was a nice guy.

My husband Jim reached out to Hal. They discussed the details to make sure he would treat her kindly. With our family fun, we never forced her to do anything she didn’t like. Hal agreed he would not do that either. We set the date for a specific weekend and left it at that. It turned out he had a full schedule year-round. He loved to share his seed and fuck beautiful young ladies.

As the weekend approached, he asked if I would like to be there with them the first night. I told him, of course, I will be there. My husband loved and hated that I would get to be there. wishing he was invited too. The other mothers told me they had not been invited. I thought that was interesting and flattering.

The weekend was here, and we were ready to play.

I helped our daughter pack her overnight bag so that she had everything including her “night after” pills. Even though I was attending that first night, I wasn’t going to spend the whole night. I would go for dinner and the fun after. Once our daughter was comfortable with Hal I would go home. I knew then they would be ready for bed.

When we got to Hal’s he invited us in, took our daughter’s overnight bag and ushered us into the family room. Hal brought me a wine and water for my daughter. Dinner was lovely. He had prepared a wonderful salad, smoked salmon and stuffed baked potatoes and dessert was a chocolate souffle that was divine.

After dinner, we sat outside on his patio for a bit to enjoy the gorgeous evening. Then he suggested we head upstairs. She hopped in the shower before he came upstairs. As she came out of the bathroom in a towel, he walked into the bedroom. At first, she was shy and nervous. She had been with other men, but this was different and almost like a date for her.

Once he came out of the shower and into the bedroom she

calmed down.

He sat down on the bed and invited us to come over there. We sat down beside him with my daughter between us. He leaned in to give her a kiss. As they kissed their towels fell off. I moved over to the chair across from the bed as they were getting into sync with each other. This would add to my experience for GILF phone sex.

Slowly they explored each other’s bodies. It was such a turn-on to watch them. I have always enjoyed voyeurism, this was a whole new level though. My daughter was really enjoying him, and I was enjoying them together. As he laid her back to explore more of her, she moaned in ecstasy.

He made sure she had orgasms before he was ready to enter her. As he did so she arched her back to meet him. It was so intense to experience my daughter with this man. Other than my husband I had never seen her with a man. Once they finished the initial time I headed home knowing she would be fine.

Impregnation Sex Stories