Impregnation sex stories are so fucking hot.  

I don’t have any impregnation sex stories but I’ve always wanted a man who wasn’t afraid to give me his baby.  Someone who knows where his load is supposed to go and what it’s for! I want someone to lay me down, knowing that my orgasm is what will seal the deal.  I want my legs pushed high in the air so that his cum drains deep into me,


One of my ideal impregnation sex stories is for someone I know and love to make sweet, slow love to me.  He would be sure to kiss my tits and down my torso. I would want him to spread my pussy lips wide open and gaze into me.  Then lean down and taste where his baby would be coming out of.  This kinky fetish would get me so wet!  I would want his tongue pushed in every hole of mine until I sprayed into his mouth.  


Then I would slowly work my way down in between his legs and lick up and down his still soft dick!


I would rub his cock and suck on his balls, slowly sucking them into my mouth one by one.  I would wrap my lips around the underside of his cock. I’d suck all the way up to the tip of his dick.  Then he could grab me by my hair and slowly work his cock down my throat. I love looking up into his eyes and seeing them roll back while my mouth works up and down his stiff shaft!!  He would pull my head off right before he came, just so I could get every drop of his load inside me!!


I know my dream impregnation sex stories would have him lay me on my back and slowly work his huge cum rocket deep into me.  He would push my legs behind my head and lay down to kiss me and caress my tits! I would be able to feel his cock get harder and harder with every stroke into me.  Right before his load was getting ready to be released, I would scream and beg him for his huge load!!


Fill me up Daddy, I need your babies, I need your huge cock to fill my tummy up!!  Give me your babies, now!!

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