Impregnation sex stories, Lesbian Insemination party.

Impregnation sex stories, Lesbian Insemination party.  Have you ever thought about how lesbians go about getting pregnant? Well, I have a couple that is very dear friends of mine and they also happen to be lesbians. So they decided to go about there impregnation in a little different way.  They called me one day telling me how Marybeth was ovulating and they wanted to have a Semin party. Naturally, I had an idea but I asked what she had meant. Basically, they wanted to have someone cum in a cup for them so they can turkey baste their baby into her womb, Or so I thought. They decided to ask me because and I quote ” know a lot of hot guys”.

I could not help but laugh at the idea that two hot lesbians didn’t know any hot guys but I let it slide. So obviously I asked them what they wanted me to do. They asked that I get 10 different men 2 of each of different ethnicity. So basically at this point, I am Noah and I need to board that Arc.  I did what she asked and they are strictly no dickly type lesbians. I was curious to see how this played out so I asked if I could film it so they would always know where baby Jr. Came from. On the day of the impregnation party, I showed up a camera in hand.

Impregnation sex stories, Lesbian insemination party.

The plan was for 10 guys to stand in a circle around them while they jerked off. There were a big bowl and an actual turkey baster. They were really going at it and at the point of Marybeth cumming the bowl had been filled at least half way and so they mixed the bowl of cum and filled the baster. Marybeth laid back on the floor with pillows under her ass propping her up and all of a sudden all you can hear is this wicked loud wet squirt noise. It was only about 2 months and they took the test. It was positive.

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