Impregnation Sex Stories With Your GF Adriana

As you feel the complete weight of my body on top of you I can only think of how much I’ve missed you. I know it hasn’t been long since we’ve seen each other but I can’t do anything else but think about you. You must think I am a little perv but sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night so horny I have to touch myself. Of course, I am thinking of only you. Who else? But now that I have you here, let me tell you all about my impregnation sex stories because you are the protagonist in them all.

Feeling your hot breath on my neck only makes me want you more. Our naked bodies are one and I need you to be inside me. Please, I want you deep inside me. You guide your cock in me. I slowly push down on it feeling ever inch of it in my tight pussy. All while I look straight into your eyes. You hold me tighter and start fucking me a bit faster. A bit harder every time I slide down your cock. The sound of our thighs hitting against each other as you pound me becomes louder than my moaning.

Even though I am on top you have complete control. Now that I am about to cum I know exactly what I want. I want you to fill me up. I want you to give me your seed. My pussy clenches your dick but that doesn’t stop you from pounding me. Through my moans I finally say it.

“Give me your seed.”

The want became a need and you need to cum in me, too. I feel you hold me tighter and you whisper in my ear just how bad you want to impregnate me. Do it, I say to you. As you fill me up you finally say what I’ve been wanting to hear and I reply I love you too.

Make love to me!
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