Impregnation Sex Stories: Camp Counselor Gets Filled Up

Impregnation sex stories are hot but mix in some group sex stories and you have one hell of a hot read! I was the camp counselor filling in for a friend. It was an all-boys football camp and my friend got sick at the last minute and asked me to fill in for him. I don’t really go anywhere without my toys and I knew I would definitely need them surrounded by a bunch of hot teenage boys.

One night I thought I was in the clear. The boys had all gone to bed and I just couldn’t sleep. My room is in the back of their cabin. Once I thought they were sleeping I decided to break out my vibrator and take care of some really built up lust. Don’t judge, I’m only in my 20’s and these guys were 17-18 and looked older than they were. The guys flirted with me like crazy which only added to my frustration. So anyway, I broke out my vibrator and started playing with my pussy. Little did I know the guys weren’t really asleep.

One of them walked into my room catching me in the act of masturbating.

He pulled me out into their room and pushed me down on my knees. After telling me how hard I make them all day long they pulled out their cocks. One of them said it was only fair that I help them with the issue that they caused. I started to fight them at first but it was futile. They were going to force me either way so I figured I might as well give them one hell of a night.

I started sucking them off one at a time. They came so fucking much and I guess it wasn’t a surprise that their cocks were instantly hard again. As the first one, I sucked off slipped on a condom and started fucking me I heard the door to the cabin open. In walked in one of the other counselors. I thought for sure I was in trouble. Instead, he walked up to the circle around me and asked what was going on.

The guys tried to come up with something as I looked at him like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. He asked if anyone had filled me up with their seed. I quickly told him that they hadn’t. This seemed to please him. It really surprised me when he pulled out his own hard cock and started moving up to me. Slowly he slid between my legs and inserted his unprotected cock into me. I wasn’t sure I was ready to be one of the impregnation sex stories going around but as he fucked me I couldn’t help myself.

When impregnation sex stories aren’t enough

I could tell he was getting close to cumming and I’m not sure what came over me. The thought of having a baby growing inside of me had my pussy dripping wet. I told him to fill me with his seed. Just thinking about it drove me on even more. Telling him to give me his seed and fill my fertile womb. As his cock exploded inside of me I felt my pussy contract as I orgasmed around him. He slipped his unprotected cock from me and just tucked himself back into his pants. Before he walked out he told the boys that no one was to fuck me unprotected. He was to be the only one to fill me with his seed.

I was taken back at first but honestly, it turned me on that he would not allow anyone else to take the chance of getting me pregnant. Do impregnation sex stories get your cock hard? Give me a call and we can play out all kinds of hot phone sex fantasies together!