Cum let us tell you all about our favorite Impregnation Sex Stories and Phone Sex Fantasies!

At Phone Sex Kingdom, the ladies pride themselves on their storytelling skills. Accomplice Phonesex is one of the things top on our list of favorites including Impregnation Sex Stories.

I know you don’t care, but damn, why did you forget the condom. Why take a chance on getting that nasty little slut knocked up? You know being fertile runs in that fuckin’ bitches family. So there is no doubt it won’t take more than one try to impregnate her. Go ahead blow that mammoth load of semen over and over. So much that you can be almost certain that the first time will be a baby making event. Not to mention how fuckin hot it will be fuckin that tight virgin pussy for the first time, you lucky prick.

My pussy gets wet at the thought of your bareback fuck fest.

Squeezing that big cock of yours up inside that little one tight and taut pussy. You will have to push hard, maybe force it, but don’t let her screams slow you down. Think about those trillion sperms making their way to her young waiting egg? See why Impregnation Sex Stories are so erotic?!?

Maybe you’re my gym teacher and I’m just a pubescent student. You sneak up behind me while I am all alone in the locker room. I scream when I realize you are taking me by force. Making me beg for that creampie you’ve been saving up for me. Telling me to beg to give me a baby, plant your seed in me. Make me scream over and over how much I need bareback and that no rubber is allowed.

Or I could be that slutty little whore next door. The one that has been teasing you for years with my dirty fetish talk. You the neighbor who gets hard listening to my flirtatious talk. Deciding it is time to teach me a lesson. Tell me that my provocative ways are not something I can be proud of. That it’s not nice to lure guys but then not put out.  Impregnation Sex Stories are some of my favorites…


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