Impregnation Sex Stories combined with rape is a very dark fantasy to explore. Imagine getting a young girl knocked up with a baby bun in the oven.  Being pregnant is supposed to be a happy time. (Wicked LiL Laugh) Not in Erica’s case. We forced her little young body against her will.  There’s nothing better than accomplice impregnation play.  The whole sexual experience was so nasty and so taboo.

A few years age an Ex-boyfriend and I  played a wicked little game with unsuspecting young girls.  I would befriend a young innocent girl and then “trick out” their young pussies to hungry horny old men.  Who would want to have sex with an “Old Man?” Let alone who would ever want to get pregnant at a young age.  It wasn’t their choice!! Especially all the unsuspecting young ones in my impregnation Sex Stories.

Erica was walking home late one night.  I couldn’t understand why this very young girl was walking home late at night.  I figured she must be looking for trouble.  Needless to say – She found it!  Better yet I found her.  Andy and I always enjoyed accomplice play.   I offered her a ride home.  She accepted eagerly.  Guess her parents never taught her “Not to accept rides from a stranger.”  We were small talking about her name, school and her age when she noticed I passed her street. She stopped mid-sentence “You missed my turn,” she said.  I just smiled and said, “I need to swing by my house to pick something up – It’s on the way.”

Andy was waiting at the door, as I pulled into the driveway.  As we made our way into the house, I introduced Erica to Andy.  “I see it’s dinner time!”  he said, as he licked his lips.  I didn’t waste any time, as I brought little Erica into the bedroom and stripped her down. The tears started rolling down her face, as she begged and pleaded. She didn’t know what was going on, as she started to cry harder. “I want to go home” she begged.  “Awwww you should have thought about that before you took a ride with a stranger,” I said.

Andy entered the room and without even saying a word.  His cock was already throbbing hard and he didn’t hesitate to plunge his cock deep into her tight young virgin pussy.  She screamed, as his heavy body pinned her down.  He fucked her young pussy against her will, turned both us on even more. She couldn’t stop him.  He was too strong for her little body to fight.  She lay there lifeless, like a fish out of water.  It only took one deep thrust and a couple of pumps before he dumped his demon seed into her bald pussy. She cried hysterically the whole time, as fucked her tight young body.

Andy enjoyed every second of her screaming.  He wanted to make sure he sealed the deal, as he impregnated her tight little body!  The sensation of breaking her hymen kept his hard enough for him to pull his cock out and force it one more time into her pussy.  Andy rolled off of her and laid down on the bed next to her.   “What a sweet little girl you are,” he said, as he played with her golden hair.  He laughed, as he whispered in her ear “ Now you’re pregnant, with my baby.”

It was still dark out, so I dumped her off on the side of the road.  The same way Andy had dumped his load inside her body.  Let’s just say – She won’t be taking rides with strangers anytime soon.

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