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I’m sure my Impregnation sex stories will drive you mad and keep you coming back for more. Maxwell’s cock was loaded and ready to explode inside my tight young pussy. He was a horny older man, that was on a mission to fuck a hot teen pussy. Yes, it was taboo fucking an underage pussy, but he didn’t care. He was thinking with his cock, as most men do. I wanted him to put a baby inside my tight young body. I wanted his sperm in the worst way. Yes, I was being selfish.

It was only a matter of time before he would slip up and knock me up. I wanted to be a teen mom carrying an older man’s baby. Was this a devious little game? Was I trying to trap Maxwell so I could blackmail him? (Wicked LiL Laugh) Yes and Yes!!! He was a married man with a family of his own. Soon he would have another one on the way.

Impregnation Sex Stories of Teen Moms, Married Men and Blackmail are very common

When I started fucking around with him – he didn’t wear condoms. Silly man, thought he could play Russian roulette with his cum. Anyone knows that the pull-out method doesn’t work. Dumbass, he was thinking with the wrong head – again. There was something so exciting about having sex without a condom. I couldn’t resist the temptation. Well, it became a game, each time we would meet and fuck. He started getting careless.

Maxwell would spontaneously meet me for an afternoon fuck. Fucking me bareback and pulling out at the last-minute. Fucking my teen young pussy deep and hard. He couldn’t get enough of my hot young body! “You are my naughty little cum dumpster!” he would say over and over, as he fucked me. I wanted it all. I wanted his baby in my belly. Finding myself gasping and pleading him to cum inside me. I wanted to feel his cock pulse and throb inside me.

In the moment, I couldn’t resist, as wrapping my long legs tightly around his body. He wasn’t thinking and he didn’t pull out of my pussy fast enough. He exploded deep inside me, as his hot splash of semen erupted deep inside my fuck tunnel. The final outcome was me getting pregnant. Bam!  That’s how it’s done!! I was a devious little slut that trapped an older man to get me pregnant. Now the Blackmail begins…Want me to keep your dirty little secret?  Better pay up!

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Impregnation Sex Stories