Impregnation sex stories can be so fucking kinky. After all, the thought of using a little slut like your own personal breeding whore is very erotic. After I got finished manning the phone sex line the other night I decided to head to bed. It was pretty early in the morning, and I was totally beat. However, it was not very long before I fell asleep and was lost in dreamland. It was some kind of dreamland too. It was not very long before I could feel my room being invaded by a big over-sized extraterrestrial.

Who Knew My Dreams Would Turn Into Impregnation Sex Stories!

As I lay on my bed completely nude the covers began to slide from me. Then, they are replaced with the cold slimy feel of something foreign. I try to adjust my eyes to where I can just see in the dark. However, it is next to impossible and I fail. That is when I can feel the tentacles move over my breast. Soft whimpers leave my lips. Slowly more of the weird appendages make their way to my ankles and pull them apart. Suddenly I can feel my cunt being evaded by them.

Their Violation Makes Me Cum Almost Instantly.

Their tentacles release a large vibration through them like no toy or human mouth has ever been able to match. My body continued to be covered and my holes begin to be filled. I could hear the noises the alien was making as it filled my mouth and cunt. I tried to moan out as I began squirting all over, however, every hole was too full. Then it explodes within me. I would be happy to say this was a dream. When I woke up in the morning it’s cum spilled out from inside of me.

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