Impregnation sex stories

Impregnation sex stories are so hot. I think most girls sometimes secretly fantasize about getting pregnant. Imagining the condom is defective and while he is thrusting his rock hard cock into my pussy, secretly wanting to feel his big load get released into my pussy. Wondering if his sperm will make it to my egg. I am pretty sure I am ovulating. Damn, could I be making your baby?

I knew a girl in high school who wanted to have a baby. Amanda was hot and had no trouble getting guys to fuck her. No one knew she was trying to get knocked up. She would tell me about her sneaky ways to trick a guy into fucking with no protection. She wanted her pussy filled with cum and she wanted to make a baby sooo bad. So she told me how she fucked all of the hottest football players on our high school team. She would fuck them anywhere and begged them to release their hot load deep inside her. She finally got pregnant.

We all were a bit jealous when she showed off her sexy little baby bump!

So now I wonder if I should have a baby too. Would you impregnate me, baby? Or would I have to trick you? Maybe we are in bed, touching each other and exploring our bodies. I beg you to fuck me, and you pull out a condom. I tell you, no Baby, it’s ok. Want to feel you inside me. I’ll lie and tell you I am on the pill. When you are about to cum, I tell you I want you to make me pregnant. Would you release that big load inside me? Would you fuck me when I have a baby bump? I am going to need to fuck a lot to get through this pregnancy!

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