Hot impregnation fetish stories are what I am craving more and more lately. How about you? Do you have the same intense arousal from the possibility of impregnating this ebony pussy? There is no doubt that I have been thinking about it and lately, the feeling has been even more intense. Just the thought you breeding me with that next hot load is what has been making my pussy the absolute wettest. I’m not sure what has gotten into me lately, or why this feeling has been building inside of me so intensely. However, I do know that impregnation phone sex has been what makes me cum like a rushing river. Be honest! Have you been longing for it too? Well, I’ve been wanting it so bad I have become borderline obsessed. I find myself fingering this wet ebony pussy and craving about those hot cum loads of baby batter.

I’ve been unable to think of anything but getting those huge sticky loads in my tight ebony pussy.   The thought of your hot sperm being pumped into me just has me in a frenzy. So what I need to know is are you the one to share in the hot impregnation phone sex fantasy that I am craving?   Because this Ebony Goddess is fucking ready for it!

Time to make our own impregnation fetish stories!

In preparation for making some of the hottest impregnation fetish stories come to life, I have already stopped taking my birth control a month ago.  It seems from the moment I stopped taking them the insatiable need to breed has become overwhelming. Double-checking the calendar, I know for sure that this ebony body is ripe and ready to accept your seed.  So, I call you at work. Knowing how busy your day normally is and not giving a fuck. I want you to hear the desire in my voice so that you can’t help but drive over to please me. Of course, you drive over. You would not dare miss out on getting this sweet ebony pussy that is waiting for you.

On your way over, I enjoy teasing you will naughty pictures on your phone that make it uncomfortable for you to drive with such a hard dick.  It is such a turn on to know that you are speeding and possibly breaking multiple traffic laws trying to get to this sweet ebony pussy. Watching from the window, I watch you exit the card trying to adjust your third leg before walking to the door.  You have no Idea the treats I have in store for you.

Come on in!

Before your fist can hit the door to complete the knock, I open up the door!  Your eyes light up as they feast on the sexy lingerie that I wore for you. Looking at your face and by the size of the bulge you are sporting, I could tell you found me aesthetically pleasing.  “Come on in!” As he followed me into the living room, then over to the couch. You set down, unable to hide that hard cock. I climb on your lap straddling you so that I could kiss those sexy soft lips of yours. It was so erotic and sensual.   I could feel your cock pushing against your slacks as I seductively swirled my hips on top of you.

Damn,  I am so turned on and I want to feel you taste me.  Without warning, I climb up on the top of the couch and slide my pussy down on your face.  You slide the panties to the side and began to eat my ebony pussy like it was your last meal.  Pussy juice from your Ebony Goddess glaze your lips and chin. That’s right, get that pussy ready for that fat cock you have for me.   I jerk and twitch from the orgasm that your tongue delivered and I wanted more.

Ready for breeding!

I help you get undressed and was happy to see the pre-cum is dripping from its head.  We walk to my bedroom and I am ready. You take out your condom, I snatch it from your hands and throw it to the floor.  We both of us know how risky it will be for you to put that wet unprotected cock in my pussy and I can’t wait to have it.  Laying back on the bed, I open up and welcome you to the best place on earth, my ebony pussy. So are you ready to create our own impregnation fetish stories?  

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