Impregnation Fetish: From Cum Clean-Up Slave To The Impregnation Bed!

Impregnation fetish fun makes my pussy nice and wet! I love this kind of roleplay phone sex stories really! So the following was inspired by a real phone sex call of mine I thought was so hot I had to share with you. This may not be a personal story of mine that actually happened, but that does not mean I don’t wish it did. I hope you enjoy this sexy story as much as I do roleplay, writing and reading it over and over! 

Impregnation Fetish: From Cum Clean-Up Slave To The Impregnation Bed!

I’m one of two siblings. My sister is much hotter than I am. She and my father play together all the time. He calls her his little cum slut. I have never really engaged in their sessions. You see, I’m a sweet shy girl. Not to mention I’m well aware of my place in my family. You see, I am the cum clean up for both my father and sister. Whenever he fills her with his load it is my job to lick every drop from my sister’s cunt. Likewise, I’m to suck her juices off of him, no matter what hole his dick was stuffed inside of. Like a good loving daughter, I have always done this.

So imagine my surprise when I showed up to my regular job dressed in short shorts and a white tank top to perform my duties as usual, but my sister was nowhere to be found. I questioned my Father, coyly tucking my hair behind my ear. He informed me that my sister was no present because it was my turn to be his cum slut. Reluctantly I told him that would not be fair. After all, he and my sister were always together, it was never my place to be Daddy’s little girl in our family. However as I was told, my sister had actually come up with the idea to hopefully get me out of my shy little shell.  Of course, there were no objections leaving my sweet lips. I just silently nodded and nervously took my Father’s hand he extended towards me.

Little did I know the extent of my Father’s impregnation fetish.

Down the hall, I was led and to an area of the house, I had never been to before. Standing in front of a strange door my Dad explained that I was going to see some things that may make me feel a certain way. At this point, I hadn’t that slightest idea what he was talking


about. However, upon opening the door I was immediately flooded with a variety of emotions. Excitement, wonder, confusion, and fear were among them all. Behind the big heavy door was a room sterile and white. Bright light flooded my face and I winced from the sudden brightness of my pupils. The fact that I had never seen this room before made me very puzzled.

The mystery room resembled a gynecologist office of sorts, aside from a full-size bed in the corner complete with a camera set up. In the middle of the room was a fairly standard exam table complete with stirrups. On the countertops, there were various statues of the female anatomy. However, it was the medical diagram posters on the wall that grabbed my curious attention.

My Father had noticed this as well. As I stared at a diagram of hundreds of sperm attacking a single egg he stepped closer and put his hand on my shoulder. He asked my opinion on the diagram. Hesitant I bit my lower lip and confessed it made me feel funny. He chucked and told me it was normal pushing me towards a second and third poster asking the same. Each poster made me feel a little hotter and begin to get moister. However, the diagram demonstrating how the vagina is penetrated by a penis was my favorite. My Father asked me to let him know that as well.

Impregnation fetish is the icing on the creampie!

After that wall had gotten my little innocent virgin cunt all riled up I was escorted to another more revealing wall by my


father. This wall did not resemble any wall of a gynecologist office. Not at least any of the offices that I had been into. This wall contained two rows of close up pictures of vaginas. They all had their pussy lips spread wide open. I tried to hide the fact that my cotton panties were becoming wet with my own juices. However, I’m sure my father was aware of how turned on I was becoming. After a big smile rose to his face I began to feel as though I had gotten myself in over my head. He softened his smile and asked if I was interested in playing a game with him.

The instructions of the game were simple; I was to choose from the pictures which splayed open photo of cunt was my sisters. Now it should have been easy enough since I had been her cum clean up for so long. However, if I was to guess wrong I would have to give an article of clothing. I blushed nodding my head up and down in compliance with my Father’s rules. Although, I was very interested in the game, being naked made me feel so vulnerable. However, I was not knowledgeable enough about my sister’s prized pussy. After many wrong guesses, I found myself standing in front of him in my white cotton panties and bra. However, when he did the same with two row’s of creampied pussy I wound up completely naked.

Time for my impregnation fetish exam

Without panties to cover my dripping pussy I was completely exposed to my Father finding out how turned on I truly was. I was telling him everything I had showed him was making me feel turned on. However, I was not sharing the extent to which it was. As he led me towards the exam table and



 informed me it was my turn to sit in there a lump grew in my throat. He assisted my naked body onto and into the stirrups. Kissing my forehead he helped me lie back as well. On the ceiling above me was a movie screen, however. My Father than informed me that he had a move to show me as well as he examined my pussy.

I sucked my lower lip into my mouth and paid attention as my father took his seat between my legs. It appeared to be a home movie. A blonde girl laid on the bed that was in the exam room. I didn’t know who she was but she was naked and happy. Her body was tight and her nipples were really hard and turned on. That is when, to my surprise, I head my sister’s voice from behind the camera.

“Hey Katie, go ahead and tell your family where you are!” Then, without having to even wait for an answer the girl excitedly yells out “The Impregnation Bed!” My jaw drops and my cunt floods itself again. My Father shows he approves groaning from his own view. Then, my sister asks “And why is this called the impregnation bed,” however it was not to the girl. Then, turning the camera around to reveal a cock and naked Father he confesses “Because I have already knocked 6 girls up in it!”

Impregnation fetish fun on the impregnation bed

My pussy was turned on and swollen. I had never had the experience of having sex myself, only tasting it. However, I was so incredibly turned on by the thought of my father knocking up Katie. She was so into it. She even spoke into the camera towards her family confessing that she was going to be the next to become impregnated. That is exactly what happened too. My father fucked the pretty women as she laid on the impregnation bed. I whimpered and moaned as I still laid on the exam table. Then, as my father gave her his seed the view changed to a microscopic model and I could see his cum inseminating her egg. My father informed me that I was going to be his new little slut.

I whimpered and moaned. I had never had sex before and was so nervous. However, my Father made me excited telling me how good it would feel to have his cum cover my cervix. He led my naked and very excited body over towards the sacred bed. I shook a little with excitement. My father gently laid me back and spread my legs. Before he made love to his shy virgin daughter, however, he began to kiss my untouched cunt. It felt amazing, and my Father confessed my juices were way better than my sister. Then, gently and swiftly my Father moved his throbbing hard cock inside of me. He fucked me till he flooded my pretty little pussy. I moaned out “I’m pregnant,” as I felt him explode into me. So I was his new knocked up slut. I love Impregnation fetish!

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