Impregnation Fetish: Discovering Daddy’s Real Intentions!

Impregnation Fetish has to be one of the most exhilarating Fetishes I’ve found! Especially when Daddy involved! I was so shocked when I realized that’s real plan and what he really had in store for me! I had no idea how serious it was until the day he snuck into my bedroom. It was unbelievable that Daddy actually wanted to sleep with me!

Could you imagine going through most of your life not knowing that your daddy wanted to sleep with you? I was so totally shocked when he crawled into bed with me and started touching me I couldn’t believe what was happening and the way that he was actually touching me!! I had heard stories of guys touching girls the way Daddy was touching me, but I never expected Daddy to touch me this way! It was one of the best things ever but it was so scary! They had always told us in school how naughty it was and to wait, and here Daddy was touching me! I felt so special!
I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt when he touched me when he told me how much you love me and then to hear that Daddy actually wanted to make me super naughty and put a baby in my belly! Can you believe it?! Me! With Daddy’s baby in my belly, it was totally amazing and I loved the idea of it so much! I would be so honored to have Daddy’s baby and to be super naughty with him!

Oh, how excited I was when he told me he was going to treat me like a big girl!

I love the idea of my belly growing with Daddy’s baby! Having everyone know how much we truly love each other by the tiny baby he put in my belly! At least, that’s what Daddy said!

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