A risky little impregnation fetish fun..

Impregnation fetish play sounds like a one-way street to get in a LOT of trouble! But at this point, I just can’t help it. It’s my weakness. I didn’t realize this was one of my kinks, and even though it was risky as all hell for a while. After enough porn videos with guys leaving the girl dripping in cum, though, I started to get hooked.. and I didn’t know why. I couldn’t understand it! It was messy, it was gross, it was risky.. So why was it turning me the hell on?! I didn’t realize for the longest time that being left a dirty, cum-filled mess also made me feel owned.

That’s what finally did it.

Being filled with cum, with or without the impregnation fetish risk, made me feel like I was someone’s little slut. It felt amazing enough when I felt it shoot out inside me, filling me to the brim… But it all felt even better when that big cock slid out of me, and left me dripping with it. I’d slip a hand down to play with my clit a bit, and feel the cum drip out just a little at a time. I felt completely owned – like I was his little slut, and no one else’s. He loved it, too. Sometimes he’d give my pussy a little pat after he pulled out, just to sink the feeling in further. I was his fuck toy, and he’d just claimed me.

It turned me on so much that we just started playing like that every time. No condom on, nothing. I even ditched the pill a few times for the hell of the risk.. The thought of still drives me wild, even if it’s phone sex about getting creampied like that!

Come play with me. Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

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