I have such an impregnation fetish. So tonight I am a tigress on the prowl when walking into the bar. I know exactly what had gotten into me, the need to be knocked up.  Yes, I have a hunger, and it’s a hunger for big a hard throbbing cock. Just thinking about a nice throbbing cock while getting ready to go out was enough to make me hot. Fresh out of the shower I stared at my perfect curves in the mirror.  I began to think about the dick that was to fuck me. I could picture his hands all over my body, as I took out his cock.

Impregnation Fetish:  On the prowl for a breeder!

Closing my eyes, I ran my fingers down my clean body and embraced my sexiness.  My hand pleasured me until I squirted leaving me wet and shaking. After, taking a second shower I got dress sexy to head to the bar. It was like men could smell my fertile cunt as I walk into the place. Their heads turned thinking about their chance to breed me.  Never once do I have to pull out my credit card.  Every drink is paid for and sent my way. There is a full selection of eligible men just dying for my attention. However, on this night I choose one tall, big cock and handsome man to take me to bed.

Time to Breed

It was not as I had pictured beforehand. After all, it was much better. He kissed down my neck in such a sensual way my body began to react instantly. Goosebumps covered my skin as he began to rub his hand package against the back of me. I turned facing him and kissed his lips against mine. Then, down onto my knees, I went unwrapping my package. It was rather large too, I had no problem sucking it into my throat. I was going to love taking this big huge dick then his cum load too.  He pounded my pussy until I could fill his load fill me.
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